Red Dead Redemption - PS3 Version Unboxing

Yes, you heard right. The PS3 version! :)

CONFIRMED: Exclusive PS3 DLC is on the blu-ray disc itself.

Gameplay footage should be coming very soon. :D

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TheTwelve2987d ago

It's not news. It's hype. If you want pure news, change your filter on the top left of the home page. =)


Biggunz2986d ago

just a simple youtube vid is ok now?

Darkstorn2986d ago

It comes with a map!!! SWEET!!!

HolyOrangeCows2986d ago

"Gameplay footage should be coming very soon"

Still waiting.............

BkaY2986d ago

why these idiots have to make a useless vid about unboxing....
put the damn thing in the console and show us the freaking gameplay..


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MGRogue20172987d ago

Relax.. That isn't me in the video! lol

PirateThom2987d ago

Any idea of native resolution though?

PirateThom2987d ago

Is that confirmed?

I'm reading the Gaf thread and the thread on Beyond 3D, but they're both using the same, off screen, shots in comparison to the framebuffer captures on the 360 version...

I just want some sort of confirmation, if it's the same as GTA, I'd expect it, but I've also heard as low as 540p.

El_Colombiano2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

There is no way Rockstar would allow such a horrible resolution as 576p on the PS3. That would be pathetic.

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Antan2987d ago

Still absolutely nothn confirmed yet.

Premonition2986d ago

at a quick glimpse of the box the number seems to be 720p, i doubt it would be 1080p

ape0072986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

gta 4 on ps3 did have its issues BUT if you look at the latest R* game on ps3, the ballad of gay tony, you'll notice reduced blur and better framerate as far as im concerned, so even if RDR ps3 have sub hd res it won't look so blurry like gta 4 or have bad framer-rate\fuzziness, it will look like TBOGT ps3

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MGRogue20172987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Still no idea about the resolution..

I'm hoping that the guy in the unboxing video is going to upload some gameplay footage but I very much doubt he will.. According to his YouTube channel.. All he does is unbox new ps3 releases :(

But you never know.. He may just release some footage :D

inveni02987d ago

I'd love to see some PS3 footage. I got mine from with 3-5 day shipping (saved me about $15), and I'm getting a little ansy.

LordMarius2987d ago

I love how R* always includes a poster

Crusade2987d ago

They didn't for GTA4. At least in the U.S.

TheIneffableBob2987d ago

There's a poster in my GTA4 box.

AliTheBrit192987d ago

Yeah mine has too

And yes, R* including a poster is Win

Darkstorn2986d ago

And it doubles as a MAP!!!