Deal - Lost Planet 2 for $48

onPause Writes: "Amazon has been kicking butt lately handing out video game deals and today's is definitely a good one! Amazon has Lost Planet 2 right now for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for only $48. What are you waiting on? Hurry up and get over there before they push the price back up!"

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mcroddi2867d ago

Good deal for a new GOW3 but hey...SCALE! LOL!

RonyDean2867d ago

Yeah I might have to as well that's an awesome deal!

Colonel-Killzone2867d ago

I think they drop it cause of how bad reviews it has gotten.

schlanz2867d ago

on the obviously better game you might have heard about called RED DEAD REDEMPTION

RonyDean2867d ago

Went and played the demo that was released again. I don't think the game is worth $48, gonna put that money towards Red Dead as well!

spektical2867d ago

this game is good. 75 - 80 range.

I felt like some of the missions were forced or useless. Some of the Akrid, while large, just seemed uninspired.

great coop game though.