Moore & Bell: We want Final Fantasy on the Xbox 360

Siliconera asked Peter Moore and Jeff Bell, Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing, what third-party, Japanese series they'd liked to see on the 360. Bell didn't need to think. Final Fantasy. Peter Moore? Little different, he wanted Mario. When reminded that dog wasn't going to hunt, he too settled with Final Fantasy, though probably grudgingly.

Read on for the whole interview.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4051d ago

I think xbox will get this one..they didnt get MGs I dont know about same all depends on how well The Last REmnant does...time will tell

Odion4051d ago

correct me if i am wrong but aren't LR and FFXIII suppose to come out at the same time?

Phantom_Lee4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

there is no date on FFXIII yet...maybe we will find out on TGS

and on to the topic...I think its all depends on if Square-Enix want to stay as a tradition company or not

bung tickler4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

tradition... yes cuz we all know final fantasy started on the playstation... god i hate fanboys.

edit: for the stupid people... i was being sarcastic... you know to illustrate that PhantomLee and other tools like him that think FF started on a sony system are dumb a$$es... damn people are dumb

Umbrella Corp4051d ago

if im wrong i thought it started on the snes if not nes

Phantom_Lee4051d ago

when I said tradition, I meant no porting beside to PC
I think the only one that got ported is 11, and remake for other

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Bloodmask4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

will get FF eventually. It will be good for the platform, but I really don't care. IMO FF has grown stale after #10, and really pulled away from it's roots.

Old school RPG fan over here.

Marriot VP4051d ago

you've obviously forgotten how good the Land before Time movies are


Babylonian4051d ago

Just like the Xbox 360 got MGS4? LOL.

StrboyM4051d ago

really?? oh sh!t... wow.. I'm amazed..I'm..I'm ok I'm out of gas, why is this important?

Wolfgang1874051d ago

Like they were both gonna jump up and yell "Xenosaga!" in unison.

BBsin4051d ago

FF is already on the xbox 360... it's called FF11.