Thunderbolt: Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Review

Thunderbolt writes: "Recycling is a good thing. Taking the old and molding it into the new is just the kind of progressive thinking that the world needs in the face of the consumer apocalypse. But what of stories? What stories are so good that they deserve to be repeated over and over in a slightly different way? Before long people start to crave something a little edgier, something with a little more “bang!” Let’s be honest, if we were to tell the story of Pokémon we’d all be masters at this point, because any and every Pokémon game that’s been released has been stalked by a doppelganger predecessor. Red and Blue had Yellow, Fire Red, Leaf Green and some other set of titles named after the combination of a shade of red and a word for suffering. Gold and Silver and all the rest would naturally follow, while Nintendo works feverishly in their secret HQ on an actual new game."

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