HD screenshots of Super Mario Galaxy, Zack & Wiki, Fragile

Beautiful HD screenshots of Super Mario Galaxy, Zack & Wiki, and Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon through Dolphin.

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GUCommander2983d ago

All 3 games look great! Wow. I'm very impressed with Fragile. Didn't even know that game existed.

dgroundwater2983d ago

Fragile is a special game that deserves to get noticed. Too bad it's a little to dull for most people. With a better budget they would have made a masterpiece.

Ziriux2983d ago

what the heck, how can a non HD game have HD screenshots.

-Mezzo-2983d ago

It just looks that good. :P

Valay2983d ago

That's the lovely power of Dolphin.

K-Tuck2983d ago

They can't. These screenshots are definitely suspect.

Valay2983d ago

Erm, K-Tuck...You haven't heard of the Dolphin emulator?

dirthurts2983d ago

Allows Wii / Gamecube games run in 720p. Pretty simple but you need a good rig to run it.

iamtehpwn2983d ago

In 2010, you haven't heard of an emulator?

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Valay2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

@ GUCommander
That game was released recently. And I love Galaxy's look, with or without HD. I'm sure people will try Galaxy 2 in Dolphin.

peeps2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

gotta be said tbh, do wii owners not wish their games looked like this without having to bother with emulators?

it is true that it's gameplay that matters, but despite there being a handful of wii games i'd love to play, i can't bring myself to pick up a console when the graphics look so dated and blurry :(

YoungKingDoran2983d ago

when i get my move setup, i want a wii emulator on my ps3! that would be sweeet, with hd upscaling. i could replay all my wii games again

Darkfocus2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

ps3 isn't powerful enough to emulate wii. it takes a lot more power for emulation than the original console being emulated had. any rig running dolphin at a hi res with a good framerate is roughly 3 as powerful as a ps3 and more than 10* as powerful as a wii. though it may be able to run wii games at like 852x480 witha bit of aa and anistropic(which wii has none of) when wii emulation is more optimized which would still be an improvement over wiis native 640*480.

Meryl2983d ago

lol you based your knowledge on pc architecture, wii emulator could be possible on ps3 as it works different to the x86 and the x64 arhitectures and you dont have to give loads of resources to windows, which is the reason why you need such a powerful rig in the first place because windows is rubbish, linux ftw

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