Indie First Impressions Episode 1

Here at Explicit Gamer we have never been afraid to delve into the uncharted territory that is XNA. Sure there are a LOT of bad games on the service, but Explicit Gamer can promise you that there are games that are worth you while. Don't believe it? Just check out the video.

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Valay3016d ago

Some of those seemed enjoyable.

DaysUntold3016d ago

I am going to go download Breath of Death VII That game looks like a blast from the past of my child hood :)

Shoot 1UP and Miner Dig Deep look really cool as well :P

GUCommander3016d ago

I want to check out Shoot 1UP, Breath of Death, and 3D Infinity. Those games look really good :P

Ziriux3016d ago

I really come to apprecaite some of the work indy devs. do.

GUCommander3016d ago

I wish more people would appreciate it. Without them games like World of Goo and Plants vs. Zombies wouldn't exist. Not to mention the 100's of games inspired by indie Developers.

KionicWarlord2223016d ago

Im surprised the impossible game wasn't on here .

GUCommander3016d ago

I'm sure it will be on a future episode. This was just #1 after all :P

3016d ago