Platform Nation: Halo Reach Beta: A Fan’s Perspective

Jeremiah Hill from brings us his perspective on the Halo Reach Beta: "The Halo: Reach multiplayer Beta has been open to the public since May 3rd. Bungie has given us several updates to both the Playlist and the code running the Beta in this short amount of time. Most recently we have seen Invasion, Spartans V Elites Slayer, and Network Test 1 (Generator Defense)."

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WMW2840d ago

it is the same old halo nothing new in it is worth mentioning if you liked other halo games you will like this and if you didn't you still won't.

kaveti66162840d ago

Not true. It's not the same old Halo. Many things have changed. Many people who are die hard fans of Halo may not like this, and many people who had qualms with Halo 3 MP may like this.

That's the reason why this game is worth checking out. It's important that people don't blindly make judgments of the game just because it's a Halo game. Otherwise, a lot of people who would otherwise not like Reach will end up buying it just because it's a Halo game, and a lot of people who might love this game might end up passing on it just because it's a Halo game.

WMW2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

it is more of the same with nothing really big that is new. there are some changes but noone would say this refreshes the franchise or adds anything to it that matters they are just nice things to have. everything is basically just altering the same features like the assasinations and making the equipment into armor abilities. just look at uc2 to see what a sequel should be it adds new things an builds on the old ones halo reach is almost the exact same thing as halo 3.

Mattey2840d ago

I hated halo 3 but I am loving halo reach so there is things worth mentioning.

jdktech20102840d ago

pretty clear you didn't play it...there's quite a bit different that makes Reach play differently than Halo 3. Hence, all the rage about how they should change things (not gonna tell you what they are since you played it of course) but I've liked all the Halos to an extent and I'm loving this one the most so far in the's not more of the same but it's actually quite different than Halo 3 or Halo 2 so if you would like to go into detail about what is the same, then I would be happy to discuss with you (very short since you have one comment left)

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A change in the wind2840d ago

I enjoyed the beta, but to be honest, it`s just more Halo. It will probably be the biggest and best shooter this year, but I doubt it will have the same impact Halo 3 did.

SixZeroFour2840d ago

the funny thing in what you said is that many think that ce had the biggest impact and halo 3 had the least

i think each one brought something new to the consoles, and implemented each thing real well

foxxy2840d ago

Whop whop jetacks I have that in crash commando.

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