May - Best month ever in video game history? writes: - If anyone would have told me that one of the biggest gaming months would be May, I would have probably given them a shake of the index finger alas Terminator 2 accompanied with a chuckle. It turns out that I would be proven wrong. In fact, May might be the biggest month of the year, or better yet: Ever!

Read on to find out what lies ahead...

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Speed-Racer2961d ago

ModNations and Split/Second = Awesome...

mcroddi2961d ago

I think just for racers alone this month is a killer...Blur is a great one too!

Speed-Racer2961d ago

I wish there was something like COD7, GT5, and SC2 in one month..that would have been a thriller... xD

lovestospoodge2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

um. are u kidding? yes those are sick games. but u dont want sick games coming out the same time. there would be too many pro gamers i would have to keep up with

Speed-Racer2961d ago

Yea just a joke would be a poor decision on the devs' part.

Darkstorn2961d ago

I dunno. The only game I'm going to get this month is Red Dead Redemption. The only racing game I'll ever need is Motorstorm: Pacific Rift :P

kaveti66162961d ago

And then Motorstorm 3 will be released...

ReservoirDog3162961d ago

I wouldn't say best ever but it is a pretty good month. All I can afford is RDR and SMG2 and that's still incredible really. Plus all the games like modnation, alan wake and 3D dot game heroes on my backlog of games.

Great month.

Parapraxis2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

March 2010 was better.

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SnuggleBandit2961d ago

march 2010 was better in my opinion

Christopher2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Good month, but not best ever. End of last year had some pretty ridiculous months as well. The last year has just been awesome, to say the least.

Personally, I'm all about RDR this month. Got ModNation for my nephews, though, so will play it when I go over to their house.

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RonyDean2961d ago

Wow so much awesome coming out this month. What to buy first?

mcroddi2961d ago

You're gonna buy them all?!

Raf1k12961d ago

If he's got the money then why not? I save money for the games I want to buy so even if they all come out the same week I can still buy them.

Inside_out2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Well...I'd say 2010 is looking like an amazing year...for all consoles...This month looks good...Alan wake for me...need to get the free DLC ( comes in july ) token which is only available to first time buyers...RDR and lost planet 2 when timing is right...

NastyLeftHook2961d ago

im buying modnationracers, and red dead redemption. cant wait to play red dead with all of that exclusive content. been a touch potatoe for far too long, and this isnt stopping me.

mcroddi2961d ago

The thing about the multiplayer I am most excited about is the possie action to be had... hunting with my friends, then raiding another gang somewhere in the desert and maybe bring back someone with a wanted on their head! Awesome!

PirateThom2961d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes is absolutely awesome.

xabmol2961d ago

There be some bitter fairies about, me thinks.

Marceles2961d ago

Named Lee, Sue, and Ai? :)

(waits for "I see what you did there")

PirateThom2961d ago

I know, I'm shocked.

I'm also going to say Rocket Knight should also be everyone's "download title" of the month.

Nolando2961d ago

alan wake and read dead for me :D great month to be a gamer!

teedogg802961d ago

I second that. RDR and Alan Wake for me too. I may have to flip a coin to decide which one of these bad boys to play first lol.

Nolando2961d ago

ive been waiting SO long to sink my teeth into Alan Wake but I literally feel Red Dead came out of NOWHERE and im dying to play that! lol

in the end its a glorious month no matter what!

Commander TK2961d ago

Start with Wake 1st since it's a single-player game only

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