60GB PS3 Sold Out On Amazon Until July 22nd

Sony's 60GB Playstation 3 console coupled with a free Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray remote + 5 more free Blu-Rays have proved a popular item on this past week. So much so, that they have none left in their warehouses. Quantities will be restored on July 22nd.

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Phantom_Lee4171d ago

I wonder how many 60GB that Sony has....if its a lot, good news for Sony...if not, well....depends if people want the 80GB bundle or not

lesbiansonyfan-girl4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

I wonder how many more articles about PS3 selling they need before my fellow sony bangers can feel comfortable that they didn't waste their money?
Then check the sales figures at the end of teh month or week at the tracking sites. There is no reason to constantly cheer about every PS3 sold, it is kinda pathetic that people need this reassurance and need to tell others about it.

Huddymonster4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

I like these posts because I know that a lot of multi platform games and exclusives depend on hardware sales and the more sony sells the more likely we will get price breaks and cool accessories.

I respect your choice to be a lesbian so respect my choice to make love to woman and read about ps3 sellouts.

The Wood4171d ago

it is kinda pathetic that people need this reassurance and need to tell others about it.

Maybe you should save your comments then and stop wasting your time. People want to know how well the ps3 is selling. Whats wrong with that, really. Welcome to N4G.

coolmatrix4171d ago

PS3 IS in STOCK at

GET OUTTA HERE YOU 360 FANBOYs. Get out of here and go play your 360? Wait, its in the shop.


lesbiansonyfan-girl4171d ago

LOL You people are just retarded. We laugh all day long at your pathetic attempts to make the PS3 seem like it is not a failure. The more you try the more pathetic you look. Take a step back and see for yourselfs how ignorant these articles are. Then you think because you say you are not pathetic that you are not. I got news for you, this iste is well-known as sony propaganda and all you fan-boys are blind as hell, sony created this site to make people like you feel better about their purchase and you just fall right into it.

The Wood4171d ago

time of the month i guess

dantesparda4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

Wow Lesbian, you are moronic, you really think that? LOL! wow! if anything this site is ran by 360 fanboys. And is that you Sony fan?
And this is coming from a 360 owner who has never owned a Sony game system in my life. But owned both MS systems since their launch

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sonarus4171d ago

nice. Now there will be tons of ppl with ps3's so maybe sony wnt have difficulty keeping exclusives and maybe devs will actually put in more effort into making games for the ps3 better than the xbox. They do it on the xbox with live all the time they should be able to give ps3 some advantages as well.

MarioFromTexas4171d ago

I bet Sony has sold 500,000 consoles just in the last 2 weeks. For amazon to be sold out that has to be several thousands of PS3. Things are looking up for Sony

Kleptic4171d ago

well you figure they made 5.5 million by the end of March...and then rumored to slow production (which was denied by Sony but who knows)...and there is an estimated 4 million or so that were sold by I would guess at least 2 million...

obviously that is a guess...I don't know how many of the 20gb were produced...that 5.5million was overall...but I would bet that they have plenty for a few months...unless it truely starts selling like some of its older brothers used to do...

TruthHurts4171d ago


over the course of a week or to.

Everything is going right for SONY.
Everything is going wrong for MS.

you hear that.........................

ahh, the winds of change.

Xbrainer4171d ago

what exactly has gone wrong with MS?

Vash_The_Stampede4171d ago

@Xbrainer: You must be blinded by flashing red lights.

BBsin4171d ago

Well, Its not like MS is down for the count or anything. Microsoft still has the best holiday lineup and will probably end up having the 2nd or 3rd best selling holiday title (halo 3). I think mario galaxy will be number 1 and GTA4 will probably number 2.

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