Would you Like A Buggie

Welcome to Walmart, would you like a buggy? These are the words you might hear the next time you go to trade in a game for the latest release. That’s right the department store giant is toying with the idea of selling and trading used games.

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Nitrowolf22927d ago

lol @ the picture
i could see that happening

ZedoMann2927d ago

Will they rent out PC Games as well, unlike all the other game rental services we have now?

DarkBlood2927d ago

im not sure how renting out pc games would work though

kevnb2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

something like the trial version of other software. anyway, if wal-mart pulls this off expect many console devs to fold up.

Denethor_II2927d ago

They won't let any business keep their head above water. CU NTS

Awookie2926d ago

At least they can shop at Walmart when they go out of business and save loads.

N4Flamers2926d ago

i understand the small mom and pop stores that might be affected by this, but them putting pressure on gamestop is not a bad thing. This might get gamestop to rework their less than stellar business practices.

chingichongs2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I have a buggie like wheel chair I would like to get rid of. Totally brandnew. It's only been used a few times.