Amazing Left 4 Dead First Aid Kit Cake

GFB writes: "Gamers and fans of the video game industry on the whole love to make cool things to honor the community of gaming. Every now and then we spot something awesome which shows off the talents of the fanboy or fangirl along with their love for a particular title. In this case, it's Left 4 Dead."

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vgn242956d ago

Very cool, but can you really eat it?

VG_Releaser2956d ago

just like any specialty cake. But would you want to is the better question. Would you want to eat a zombie arm with bone sticking out?

MiamiACR2956d ago

That is one of the most finely detailed cakes I have ever seen (And possibly would have eaten), If you didn't tell me it was a cake I would have picked it up and tried to open it, only to have my hands covered in cake...cake! Great job on the baking Debbie.

BeaRye2956d ago

That is the greatest "themed" cake I've ever seen. And I use to watch that stupid cake show on the Food Network. That cake is amazing from the coloring and shading to the smallest details.

GunShotEddy2956d ago

How much does something like cost? Has to be a lot

Zeevious2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

...and it's amazing the variety of artistic cakes these bakery artisans can create.

I've had a couple of these and they are indeed cake, just cake no one actually wants to cut because of all the skill that's gone into making them.

Truly tasty works of art!

2955d ago