GTA 5 to show at E3, predicts analyst

CVG Mike Jackson wrote:
Rockstar possibly ready to show next GTA, but not in playable form.
Rockstar could be gearing up to unleash the first glimpse of Grand Theft Auto V at next month's E3 show.
That's according to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich, who confidently predicts that the next GTA will show up in non-playable form in preparation for a 2011 release.

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renegade2956d ago

Its likely to happen and wil be out around 2012.

Jamegohanssj52956d ago

I'll probably be dead by 2012. Don't say that.


The_Count2956d ago

I hope they use either Vice City or San Andreas. A new setting would't hurt though, like Vegas or maybe even a European City like London, Rome, Madrid yadda yadda

DarkSpawnClone2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

i bet you 2 million dollars that i don't have we will all be alive and well at the end of 2012 , you shouldn't believe in scare tactics :P its just going to be another bs year lol

renegade2956d ago

Dont believe on those jokes.

Government Cheese2956d ago

It will most likely come out in 2011. Either April 2011, or October 2011.

MasFlowKiller2956d ago

People do know that the number in a GTA game refers to the engine they are using.

Thats why last gen GTA Vice City was not GTA4 and GTA San Andres GTA5.

Hotel_Moscow2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

scientist are going ccrayz with 2012 did you know they are trying to make a star

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Official General2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

In the past few days I've been seeing many articles pop up on gaming websites about a new GTA title being announced by Rockstar at the upcoming E3. I know there is always a great deal of speculation regarding any new GTA game. But I've noticed that the prospect of a new GTA title unveiled at the E3 is being speculated and discussed a lot more than normal and that tells me something might just be in the pipeline for real. There is no smoke without fire.

I do know for a fact that Rockstar have already started work on the next GTA title. I read an article earlier this year and in it one of it's creators Dan Houser has already stated that the storyline script is already being written and ideas for the characters are currently being worked on. When it will be announced that I did'nt see.

XeroTrinity2956d ago

I seem think GTA V being exclusive to either console would have HUGE impact on that particular console. The article states otherwise

Anarki2956d ago

Wasn't there some article afew years ago saying that GT5 is going to be a PS exclusive?

vhero2956d ago

Dunno about that but since MS had to pay so much for GT4 to go multi platform and Agent clearly showing Rockstars loyalty I would say unless MS fork out the cash again this could well be a PS3 exclusive as MS have already got all the GTA fans they are gonna get to buy a 360 console with GTA 4. It would be stupid for them to pay for multi platform in my opinion.

Jamegohanssj52956d ago

Well of course GT5 is PS3 exclusive. So was GT4.


Duxer2956d ago

We're not talking about Gran Turisno, we're talking about Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

Comet2956d ago

GTA 5 should be a PS3 exclusive... I think Rockstar understands well by now how they were holding back on a true GTA game from the limitations (DVD space, Cell). A lot was taken out of GTA 4 from San Andreas...

That's unless of course, Microsoft makes another $75 million deal.

kaveti66162956d ago

Rockstar doesn't care about the game's full potential. They care about the money. The next Grand Theft Auto game will be multiplatform and so will the one after that. AGENT is a new IP that Rockstar is willing to make exclusive because they've gotten plenty of money from GTA sales.

Anarki2956d ago

Congrats Duxer for stating the obvious. We all make typos now and then. Just like you did with Gran TurisMo(not turisNo)

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Abash2956d ago

Then that's a bad move from R*. They should focus on Agent, we know nothing about it

Colonel-Killzone2956d ago

They probably might and yea I heard that GT5 might be a ps3 exclusive but I doubt that. Yeah i rather see agent honestly.

renegade2956d ago

I doubt too, would be possible a exclusive download content.

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