Harmonix Considering Led Zeppelin: Rock Band

Harmonix, makers of the famed Rock Band series, are primed and ready to unleash Green Day: Rock Band, their second band-specific game, following The Beatles: Rock Band of last year, in just a few weeks on June 8. However, if some is good, more seems to be better as the game-maker has posted a survey today in hopes of gauging interest in the next big thing.
The survey is short and sweet; only two questions long.
The first asks, “would you be likely to buy a dedicated Rock band video game by ANY of the following artists, knowing the game would contain music ONLY by the specific artist?
The options are:
Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Queen, U2 and Led Zeppelin.
The next question asks, “which artist would you like like to see in a dedicated Rock Band video game,” where you can select up to three of the above options.

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dizzleK2929d ago

only if royalties go to all the musicians zeppelin stole from.

silkrevolver2929d ago

some of the stolen stuff disappoints me... but there weren’t that many stolen songs... some of the allegedly stolen are really more of a stretch than anything.... and some of them were popular folk lyrics that everyone uses. So songs like Dazed and Confused make me sad, but for the most part... Zeppelin rocks....

eagles19902929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

They didn't steal dazed and confused. Jake Holmes' version is completely different. Whole lotta love on the other hand.....

Inside_out2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Led Zeppelin changed EVERYTHING....Having said that, that was in 1968 thru today never heard of them...other than mom, dad, grandpa and grandma telling them how great they were.....I would be surprised if they went for it...They don't use the original has to be re-recorded by studio musicians....their Lie's the problem....BTW...Zeppelin KICKS ASS...Every musician knows that...geezzz...Who remembers the immigrant song...

hamoor2929d ago

yesssss thats what am talking about
More real rock and leqve the crappy teens rock to guitar hero
Cant wait to play stairway to heaven :)

Smacktard2929d ago

Oh man. If they made a Led Zeppelin Rock Band game, it would be the first RB game I'd buy =U

NastyLeftHook2929d ago

this may be interesting, we will have to see when this comes out. but they must have the best led zeppelin songs if its going to touch my ps3.

PirateThom2929d ago

Wait... wait... wait...

Wasn't there something about Harmonix LOSING Led Zeppelin masters when making Guitar Hero and the band refusing to allow them access to any of their material... and, basically, scrapping music games entirely?