Microsoft Posts Response to Fable III PC Rumour

After a slight mishap regarding the Fable III box-art, you may just end up having the opportunity to murder Balverines on a PC after all. Microsoft has officially responded to the incident.

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almehdaaol2926d ago

Oh god please. The possibilities for a lot of options have now opened up for the game.

MiamiACR2925d ago

I'm totally digging the box art.

AliTheBrit192925d ago

I doubt it will have that

But Peter said that it's going to have a much improved co-op this time

WildArmed2925d ago

The co-op was pretty much bare bones in the last one.
I hope they can actually have it better integrated and not feel like a chore to help someone else.
I really love playing Fable games, probably my favorite WRPG franchise, but it needs to step it up a notch.

Raf1k12925d ago

Cross platform multiplayer would be great. I'd get to play this with my friends who would buy it for 360.

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inveni02925d ago

I would love to have this franchise back on PC. I had the original on Xbox and PC (and loved it), but didn't feel like the sequel offered enough to warrant picking up a 360. I'd get this game if it hit PC.

Lou-Cipher2925d ago

Having this game go Multiplatform would be another blow to the 360. This is one of their best exclusives, and not having to own a 360 to play this game would hurt the value of the 360 even more than it already has over the last few years.

Microsoft needs to start adding value to the 360, instead of taking value away. They are seriously lacking behind the competition when it comes to exclusive games, so to allow the small handful of exclusives you do have to go Multiplatform, your only shooting yourself in the foot.

HolyOrangeCows2925d ago

The 360 had a very limited amount of exclusives in 2008. I'm sure that now that there are more this year, MS might allow it to be on PC also.

Microsoft needs to stop screwing the PC community as a game publisher.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Peter M. said he want Fable 3 for PC. Nothing more, nothing less.

But if this comes for PC. Obviously I will get it for PC, much better.

Arnon2925d ago

Except Peter Molyneux isn't in control of where the game goes. Lionhead Studios is owned by Microsoft Game Studioes.

Forbidden_Darkness2925d ago

That would make it more possible for the game to sell 3 million (right?) like Peter said

Cold 20002925d ago

He actually said 5 million. Fable 2 is at 3.5 million or something so 3 million for Fable 3 wouldnt be that hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.