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Submitted by striped94 2098d ago | article

Should Sony Redesign the PlayStation Controller with "PS4"?

Since the release of the original PlayStation gaming console, Sony has used the DualShock in each of its following gaming systems, the PlayStation 2, and the PlayStation 3. With each release, the necessary improvements have been made to the controller in order to stay even with competition. Many gamers are more than happy with the DualShock controller up to this day because they are accustomed to the controller's feel and love the comfortable setup that it provides. However, others argue that the DualShock is outdated and needs to be completely redesigned the way that Nintendo and Microsoft (to some extent) have done to their respective game pads. Here we will take a look at the evolution of Sony's most popular controller over the years. (Next-Gen, PS2, PS3, Sony)

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mushroomwig  +   2098d ago
Don't fix what's not broken, that's a great motto.

It's a shame N4G didn't see their website design like that. -__-
toaster  +   2098d ago
I think the new site looks rather nice.

As for the controller, Boomerang FTW!! I always thought that the prototype PS3 controller looks awesome. Sony should totally put it into production.
Reibooi  +   2098d ago
That boomerang would have been nearly impossible to use as a controller. It's shape would cause it to just slide out of your hands.

The DualShock is the best controller out there. Why do you think 90% of the PC controllers made by other companies try their best to copy it? It just works. The PS4 should keep using it there is nothing better they can produce.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2098d ago
''Don't fix what's not broken''

Exactly, that's all people need to know.

Haters of the PS3 Controllers in... 3...2....1:
FlipMode  +   2098d ago
Dont change anything except for the triggers and I'll be happy.
zootang  +   2098d ago
Nintendo lead the way.

Nes/super nes controller. Sets the industry standard. PlayStation Control Pad
N64 Analogue controller. Sets the industry standard. Dual analogue controller
Wii remote. Sets the industry standard. PlayStation Move

What makes anyone think this trend won't continue?
Nintendo Create, PlayStation improve

Just my opinion on controllers
Legosz  +   2098d ago
All they need to do is curve the analogs like the 360 controllers. Other then that it's perfect.
Genji919  +   2098d ago
No, I fucking hate the 360 analog sticks. It takes too much to move them, and when you do you've moved them to far. Too much damn resistance.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2098d ago
If they want to change the shape a bit, I wouldn't mind. Oh, and change the L2/R2.

Otherwise, just keep it the same setup.

I have symmetrical hands, so no, I don't want one control stick an inch higher than the other. And I don't want a useless D-pad that never senses the correct direction. And I don't want a battery pack that comes loose and shuts off the controller ever so often.
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The_Count  +   2098d ago
I'm unhappy about losing my 9 bubbles and I'm sure many others are too. Except for the 1 bubble trolls that is. And is 3 bubbles like the max now -_-

Ah ah ah
Darrius Cole  +   2098d ago
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
The reason Sony didn't change the controller for the PS3 is the that gamers demanded that the controller remain the same.

If anything Sony should move the design back towards the Dualshock 2. Microsoft changed their original Xbox controller to be more like the Dualshock 2. That is evidence that the design of the Dualshock is just fine. If anything, I wish the Dualshock 3 had Dualshock 2 styled R2 & L2 buttons instead of the trigger-buttons it has now.


I miss my 8 bubbles as well. 3 bubbles is not enough to carry on a decent conversation. The new "reply to the reply" feature gives us a reason to use more bubbles and yet they have taken bubbles away.
Zeevious  +   2098d ago
Count-Darrius-Everyone . . . I agree
Why punish us for the acts of others?

I was legitimately given those 9 bubbles over the course of years of comments. I had them for over a year and a half...

The site was redesigned for the users, and it was the users who gave me and everyone else our bubbles. Why make us pay for the poor quality of people abusing the system here?

We lose because the mods did not do their job, and apparently it's just easier to bump everyone down to 3, than do their job? That's a slap right in the face for the time and effort I have put into my comments here, and my time...Now Wasted.

I question whether I will bother with any other efforts after this very very lazy act by the site operators.

You don't punish your valid contributors to get at the bad ones!

I'm sure many people who legitimately contributed to this site, earned their bubbles and supported N4G would welcome the admins responsibly correcting this mistake.

. . . . .

I agree with Darrius...other than the triggers, I like the DS3 as it is.
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Lich120  +   2098d ago
I'd like more resistance in the thumbsticks. I know this will garner disagrees, but I much prefer the feel of the 360 controller for shooters. The dpad is way better on the ps3's controller though. Also, the buttons feel better.
Government Cheese  +   2098d ago
Personally I think they should. Well, maybe just make it slightly larger, about the same size as the 360's controller. I have really long fingers, and I really have a hard time playing on a PS3/PS2 controller for more than a few hours at a time because my hands start hurting. I don't get this problem with the 360 controller.
Anon7349  +   2098d ago
Normally I agree with you, but this time you're just being ignorant.

I doubt you've ever held a boomerang controller so maybe you should just shut your face. In no way does it "Slide out of your hands."

It's probably the best controller design ever, it had a perfect dpad, analog sticks, buttons, design, ect

The design makes it easy to rest both finger easily on both R1/L1 and R2/L2 which was one of the biggest disadvantages of the DS3.
shadow2797  +   2098d ago
Keep the triggers, make them concave (like those add on things they have now). The triggers are great for racing games, I just dislike the way they curve.

Put a light behind the PS button, just because it would look awesome.
Put more resistance and durability into the analogue sticks.
Give us Eight possible connections instead of Seven (For Move 2, mostly).
Improve force feedback strength.
Sell at a cheaper price :)
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Anon1974  +   2098d ago
I can't remember who I was talking to....
I came across someone once that claimed he was part of a testing group for the boomerang PS3 controllers and he said they were excellent. He particularly liked the rumble features. From what he told me there were multiple rumble motors throughout the boomerang controller, and depending on what was happening the rumble gave almost a 3d effect through your hands. Getting shot from behind? You could tell by the way the controller was rumbling.

That's what I heard anyway. Personally, I'm a fan of the dual shock. Didn't care for the original controllers that shipped with the PS3 - they just felt too light - but once the lawsuit was settled and Sony could put out the rumble controller again, I have to say - feeling the heft of the controller in my hand and feeling the familiar rumble was like coming home.
TheRealWar  +   2097d ago
@ Genji919
Are you serious?, i just tested the PS3 and Xbox 360 controller after reading your comment and they are basically the same.Either your xbox 360 controller is broken or you are a very weak person.
Hellas13  +   2097d ago
The new L2 R2 are great for driving games
fenix1300  +   2097d ago
@ The Real War
its not about being strong or weak its about precision. there was an article around the time the pS3 launched that measured the dead zones of each controller and the dead zone of the 360 was much larger than that of the ps3, meaning that you can get better aiming on the PS3. I don't think its possible to be weak enough to not be able to move a joystick LOL
catguykyou  +   2097d ago
I would love for them to change the position and tension of the analog sticks. I guess my thumbs are big because I cant press the start or select button without moving the analog sticks out of the way. The analog sticks also feel kinda loose, thus greater tension. The L2 and R2 triggers are a nice addition with the DS3 however my fingers tend to want to slide off when they are fully pressed. Maybe a curve to them would help. Other than those things, the overall design is classic and has staid the same because it works. I like the horned grip and the 4 button, 4 shoulder placement. Just some little adjustments like what we've seen in the past would be nice.
Psfan999  +   2098d ago
Same with youtube lol. But yeah the current controller works fine. Maybe a couple additions, but an entirely new controller would be kinda stupid.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2098d ago
Probably a new Controller at E3
I've heard this is the new PS Controller, probably will be at E3 Sony Conference:

Related image(s)
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Downtown boogey  +   2098d ago
"I've heard this is the new PS Controller, probably will be at E3 Sony Conference"

PlayStation Move? Yeah, I think we've all heard about it... Wait, what's this?..
Trey_4_life  +   2097d ago
Lmao why would they change the perfected design of the playstation dualshock 3?

Have you tried playing street fighter or tekken with other consoles controllers? turns into a noob-fest 101.
catguykyou  +   2097d ago
I would think both controllers have perfectly capable analog stick designs (pretty similar), so I would assume your comment mainly deals with the d-pad, which in a lot of fighter gamers opinions is the noob-fest way of playing....
Mo0eY  +   2098d ago
The only thing I'd fix is the sensitivity on the L2/R2 buttons. Sometimes when I run to pee, I put the controller down, and in games like BFBC2 and Uncharted 2, I accidentally throw a grenade killing myself.

Other than that and a larger battery, the controller is fine. Miles better than the clunky, non-responsive 360 controller.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2098d ago
Then pause the game.
toaster  +   2098d ago
I didn't know I could pause the game in multiplayer?!! I should try that next time.
animboo  +   2098d ago
Hahahahaha..that made me laugh..
Mr Logic  +   2098d ago
You can't so called "pause" a game in multiplayer, but usually pushing the start button will bring up some kind of menu that will prevent any triggers from being pressed.
kneon  +   2098d ago
I'd like a rubberized texture on the body of the controller. I think that's it.
Epicor  +   2098d ago
There's a fix for that problem
Buy gioteck real triggers for your Dualshock3. They really do work, trust me. I purchased those and never looked back. No more accidential R2/L2 pressing as you put the controller down. And they are concave so no more slippery triggers.
Anarki  +   2098d ago
The control is fine! The only problem is the really sensitive back buttons(L2/R2) which tend to do shit when I just gently tap them i.e fast forwarding in movies
duplissi  +   2098d ago
then get the bluetooth remote, its much better for watching stuff
captain-obvious  +   2098d ago
i think the dual shock is great as it is
just keep it as it as and name it dual shock 4
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Inside_out   2098d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
zootang  +   2098d ago
wrong reply
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zootang  +   2098d ago
@LaChance Below

A 360 controller on a PS3 for $19.99
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LaChance   2098d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
ChozenWoan  +   2098d ago
Seitek P990
It has two extra buttons on top that would be perfect for fighting games and it would allow developers more options for player control.

This is what the DS4 should be like.

Related image(s)
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2098d ago
not sure why you got disagrees but i agree with you i wouldnt mind the 2 face buttons den i wont have to worry about buying some cheap madcatz controller like i did for SF4.
ChozenWoan  +   2097d ago
I've used one for the Emulators on my PC and it's great.

Now that I think about it, I need to try to see if it will work with my PS3. ;)
Sitdown  +   2098d ago
"Don't fix what's not broken"..
so in your opinion, the DualShock is the perfect controller?
winlonghorn  +   2098d ago
My thoughts exactly!
You cannot get any innovation if companies never try to change what works. If that were true, we could say, "Why ever have a PS4? PS3 works just fine!" ;)
xabmol  +   2098d ago
As a controller, the erganomics of the DS are perfect.
The controller is extremely comfortable in the human hand. What more is there to ask of a perfectly functional game pad? You can't do mutch more than pressure sensitive buttons and anog sticks. And as far as those go, Sony is the leader. From the widened analog movement for increased precision to the best Dpad on the market.

You can't take the game pad any further. 3D motion controls are the next step.
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dtalon3  +   2098d ago
really? perfect eh? tell that to my thumbs when they clash together from the sticks being too close together. What pressure sensitive mumbo jumbo are you talking about? no one likes the damn pressure sensitive crap, even most people who DO like the controller complain about those stupid pressure sensitive "triggers" if you can call that a trigger. Ergonomic huh? the controller doesn't even feel like it should be something in your hand. Sony has the worst controller IMO (bring on the disagrees fanboys).

I will give one feature to the ps3...D-pad, sony wins that battle hands down.
baker_boi  +   2098d ago
Dude, c'mon...Your thumbs crash together on the analog sticks? You must have some EXTREMELY long thumbs or Extremely big hands. Either way that sucks for you lol.

Why the hell would you be pressing the analog sticks towards each other anyway? I don't know a game that has you do that. And in most games you only usin one stick anyway.

So I think you just trollin or tryna show your fanboy draws.

And pressure sensitivity has been added in EVERY controller to date after the DS2 added it in. So who loves it? I guess everybody. Try playin any racing game, or any game where you have to drive some mobile and tell me pressure sensitivity aint the business.

The back "triggers", which I think shouldn't be triggers at all(Bring back my back border SONY)aren't sensitive because a "pressure" feature, they're just fricken hanging out there. They're like hair pins. Folly of the design. It was perfect the way it was with the DS1 and DS2.

And of course it has a nice D-Pad.

But anyway dtalon your logic kinda stinks. You don't redesign something unless it's broken or doesn't work. Which is why MS redisgn they're big bricks, and Nintendo just did redesigns just to be doing it. And all of em have sucked except the Class PRO(PRO = Playstation Rip Off).

MS, Idea was also to get their controller as close to the DS design without being sued. So they used Nintendo's button scheme and SONY's layout, switch the D-Pad with one Analog stick.

Meanwhile, SONY has only changed their original design by adding two analog sticks in the middle and ripping out the wired cord.

Besides that, yall 360 owners the ones who laughed the "Boomerang" out of the house. What the hell would you want a redesign for? It's not like you'd use it anyway. Jeez.
dtalon3  +   2098d ago
Don't want to burst your bubble but I do own a Ps3 as well as a 360 and the craptastic wii. I enjoy my 360 and my ps3 for what I use them for. that is neither here nor there.

I was simply commenting on how much I dislike the playstation design with their controller although lets be truly fair here the award for worst may have to go to the gamecube.

I should correct myself though, there is nothing wrong with the pressure sensitive buttons just sony's R2/L2 bu...whatever they are.
If all M$ did was redesign the dual shock without copyright infringement well then mission accomplished because that thing fits like a glove.

to be fair also you may have a point about my big hands because I kinda enjoyed the "BOAT" controller from the original xbox...though the redesign for the 360 feels much better all around to me.

"Dude, c'mon...Your thumbs crash together on the analog sticks?"

----->yes, playing shooters only though. not with other conventional games.
mushroomwig  +   2097d ago
Indeed it is.

@Winlonghorn, we're talking about the controller, not the system itself. There is a big difference.
Killjoy3000  +   2098d ago
I don't think a redesign is necessary, more of just some refinements and nice looking facelift.
joemayo76  +   2098d ago
overall layout should stay the same
but i'm thinking they should change the appearance of the face buttons (circle, X, square , triangle, d-pad) to appear more like sixaxis "boomerang" buttons as altho the controller design looked odd the buttons looked really sleek with that "bubble-like" appearance
duplissi  +   2098d ago
yeah, just make it a little more ergonomic (maybe fill out the handles a bit like the 360 pad), i wouldnt mind if the sticks were concave, and i know it doesnt bother me but some would like a curve to the l2/r2, but other than those keep the layout the exact same.
K-Tuck  +   2098d ago
That would be fine, except for the boomerang controller had angled buttons and an angled D-pad. I can say for sure that when up on the controller isn't precisely up, it leads to nothing but frustration.

If Sony had kept it that way, I would have been very upset.
ShadowRyuX  +   2098d ago
I think there should be two iterations of the DS
Sony should have a DualShock 4 that would come with the PS4 and would closely resemble the DS3, except it could probably be a little bigger and have triggers identical to the 360's controller.
Then they could have the DS4S or DualShock 4 Shooter. This would would much more closely resemble the 360 controller, but still have a bit of DS flavor.

That would be what I'd like anyways, because when I play God of War or 3D Dot Game Heroes I couldn't picture using the 360 controller, but when I play KZ2 I can't help but think how much more comfortable the 360 controller would be.
Raf1k1  +   2098d ago
I prefer the symmetrical layout of the DS3. It feels more natural compared to the 360s IMO what with symmetry being such an integral part of nature.

Anyway, being able to use the DS3 with the PS4 would be great.
kaveti6616  +   2098d ago
For some reason I prefer the asymmetrical nature of the analogs on the 360. It just feels more ergonomic.
JL  +   2098d ago
I'm with you Raf. For some reason, when I've played my friend's xbox before, I can NOT get past that asymmetry of the controller. I absolutely need that symmetry that the playstation controller provides. That 360 controller just feels....unnatural (like you said.

Also, I do NOT want them to make the playstation controller bigger like the 360 controller. The 360 controller is just too bulky for me. Maybe I have small hands or something, but the 360 controller just doesn't feel "comfortable" to me due to it's bulkiness.

To me, in overall design of the Playstation controller is fairly perfect. There should be some tweaks here and there though in details. They could change those "triggers" maybe something closer to back what the DS2 was like. Concave like the 360 would be nice. Though I'm not sure I'd like the same position as the 360 has, they just don't feel right to me there (or course that could also be due to the bulkiness of the controller throwing the positioning of the triggers a bit off in my hands).

All in all though they should do like they've always done: keep the same controller, just make a few tweaks here and there.
user858621  +   2098d ago

more like nintendo create, sony perfect xD
IrishAssa  +   2098d ago
Steel the 360's triggers and it just might be the greatest controller ever
BrianC6234  +   2098d ago
I agree. Sony's controller is great. Don't mess with it. Of course Microsoft had to redesign their controller. The Xbox controller was terrible. I haven't used the 360 controller but I doubt it's better than the PS3's controller. Leave what works alone. The only reason to mess with it would be if the PS4 has a system like Natal where you don't need a controller. I find it hard to believe a console in the next ten years will be good enough to completely dump the old controllers.
Elimin8  +   2098d ago
I agree
Don't fix it if it isn't broken. I would say the only alteration needed is to make it a bit bigger. not too big but people like me who got big hands get serious cramps playing with the current DS...
mindedone  +   2098d ago
I think that is the biggest complaint about DS3
the size. I don't think anyone wants a huge revision, just mold improvements. The 3rd party controllers fix this problwm, but screw up everything else. The duel shock it just too well crafted in almost every other sense
mantisimo  +   2098d ago
@ Elimin8
I totally agree but I think there should be 3 sizes, one for kids a little smaller than the present one (watching my little dude play by using the ball of his thumb on the left anologue stick makes me laugh) keep the present size for everyone happy with it now and a large one for dudes like us with big hands. But please don't change the layout or make it dil*o shaped.
JL  +   2098d ago
That's actually a brilliant idea. Sizes. Cause I for one love the size of the playstation controller as it is (and the ergonomics and everything). Of course I do have smaller hands, so I can at least understand people with bigger hands wanting a bigger controller. Selling multiple sizes would be absolutely brilliant. Though it would be interesting going in to buy a PS4 at the store and the clerk has to ask your size lol or you can't get it cause they don't have your size in. I do like that idea though cause I don't want the size of the controller changed.
DigitalHorror81  +   2098d ago
One thing---
Change the R2 L2 buttons into triggers like the ones you can clip on. Change nothing else.
Downtown boogey  +   2098d ago
Move, anyone?
That's the next thing right there!
secksi-killer  +   2098d ago
i dont know imo
the dualshock is good for footie and fighting games. but for shooting, driving and action games, i personally think that the 360 is better.
Darkstorn  +   2098d ago
I think the PS3 controller needs concave L2/R2 buttons to more closely resemble triggers.

The only other thing I can think of is to make it possible to switch the D-pad and left thumbstick on the fly, like a click-out, click-in sort of deal. More customization options are always the right way to go.
f789790  +   2098d ago
Well there's always something you can fix
Like this gen they made the R2 and L2 buttons squeeze in differently. Now all they need to do is make them curve outward so there's no finger slipping.
Comet  +   2098d ago
That boomerang controller "prototype" was a PLAYSTATION ONE controller!

I have one that looks exactly like it.. except it's PS1 only, wired, and doesn't have 2 analog sticks...!!! Oh, and it's hideous.
Legosz  +   2098d ago
I said nothing about resistance of anaologs. I mean they should curve them so our thumbs stay on better.
BattleAxe  +   2098d ago
Hell no, do not do anything to the PS controller!!! Its been the best controller for the past 15 years.
Raf1k1  +   2098d ago
After having used a 360 controller for my PC I loved it and then used a DS3 when I got a PS3. I have to admit the 360 controller is great and the ergonomic design is just the best but the DS3s button layout can't be beaten for all round gaming. I also like the fact that I can have a finger resting over L1, L2, R1 and R2 whereas with the 360 controller that's hard to do and not very comfortable.

The only thing I think they need to improve is the shape of the controller to make it more ergonomic and change the material used for the R2 and L2 buttons as fingers do slip a bit. Oh yeh, bundle trigger attachments with each controller.

edit: I think the D-Pad could also be improved as it's much better than the 360 but still not good enough for me to want to use when playing a fighting game.

edit2: A friend of mine was telling me that Sony had once tried inverted analogue sticks and also mentioned that the American market didn't like them.
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Theonik  +   2098d ago
Only thing i would like with DS4 is triggers similar to the Gamecube.
Also yeah i hate it now that you can't get more than 3 bubbles. All that wor gone now >.>
ReservoirDog316  +   2098d ago
I kinda like the DS3 design. Been working perfectly for me for what like 10 years? I hope they don't.
silvacrest  +   2098d ago
i couldn't agree more

the new bubble system....just sucks and the dualshock 3 is fine as his, what really needs a redesign is the 360s D pad
mastiffchild  +   2098d ago
God, I hope they don't change it! If they DO then, at least, allow a DS4 as well as any new controller. People are so used to the design that, as in my case, other controllers just don;'t feel as comfy or natural to use. I often put my problems with the 360 pad down to the fact it's not symmetrical and feel it could be laid out in a way that suits right handed gamers but realise that a lot of people really love the design too.

A bit of choice won't hurt though and as long as they don't shut the door on the Dualshock design it's all good-the new one could prove just as good, better even , and more long lasting. Who knows, but again, choice would be great.
likedamaster  +   2098d ago
Everyone seems to be in agreement that the L/R buttons and triggers need to go. Here's to hoping they do just that.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2097d ago
This comes down to 99% preference!

The only thing I would add is, the PS3 controller needs their triggers fixed as my fingers keep sliding down it accidentally pressing it and more ergonomically designed. My hands tend to cramp more on the PS3 controller.

The former can somewhat be fixed with RealTriggers though.
#1.33 (Edited 2097d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SaberEdge  +   2097d ago
I think the DS3 is great. I do think, however, that there might be some ergonomic improvements that could be made, and I think the L2 and R2 could be improved as well. The analogue sticks feel great to me and I actually prefer their convex design over the concave of other controllers. The buttons all feel great as well. So, improve the "triggers" and the overall ergonomic design and I think it will be even better.
Commander TK  +   2097d ago
I do not like it that much, but
no, don't do it. It would make a lot of gamers upset. Although I think the arms should be longer, it have a nice bench at the back, give the triggers a little curve (whatever the heck it's called) so that your fingers won't slide off of it and maybe make something that would put an analog stick where the d-pad is, kinda like the Atari 7200. When I hold the PS3 controller, it feels that I'm balancing it and it also feels that my hand is gonna get destroyed. That's just me, maybe because I play plenty of shooters?

If SCE would do that, I think a lot more Xbox owners would switch to Playstaion. For those of you who want a PS3 controller with the same layout as the 360 one, I'd recommend the Shadow controller, it's great!
Heisenberg  +   2097d ago
Yeah just the triggers, maybe make the handles slightly longer, but not a redesign, there's no call for one.
Bubble Buddy  +   2097d ago
As everyone says, the only flaw in the DS3 is the L2 and R2 buttons.
Steve_0  +   2097d ago
I think the dualshock is pretty perfect, maybe tweak the shape, the triggers and the resistance of the analogue sticks. Then again, I thought the SNES controller was the height of technological achievement back in the day... a d pad, 4 face buttons! AND shoulder buttons! with smooth curves so much better than the boxy NES pad that cut into palms... to be young again...
SPACEBALL 1  +   2097d ago
the ps3 controller is basically fine. i just wish it was a little bigger or maybe a different shape. the other day my hands and knuckles were aching while i was playing uncharted.
#1.39 (Edited 2097d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kurt Russell  +   2097d ago
PS3 controller is too small for my hands. Xbox one sits nicer out of the two. 360 for shooting PS3 for Racing/Sports sims.
avengers1978  +   2097d ago
First let me say there will not be a PS4 for awhile; both Nintendo, and Xbox will have new systems before sony. Now the controller hasn't changed since they came out with a playstation, and really It's perfect it fits comfortably in hand, and all the buttons are nice and easy to hit. I've owned Playstation products since the very first day, and I would hate if they changed the controller.
amigaman  +   2097d ago
Need some small improvements
I do agree with the article, some improvements are needed to the controller. I do believe that the analog stick should be made concave. This would improve grip while playing dual analog games, in my case, when I play Super Stardust HD for a while, my fingers slip and I need to readjust. Also, they need to do something to prevent hand cramping, and I know that most of us got cramps in our hand using the controller. Everything else seems right for me.
mrv321  +   2098d ago
No, I haven't found my PS3 controller to be a problem. It's a reason why it's stayed the same for this long, because it works.
striped94  +   2098d ago
I definitely agree. I don't think the layout could get any better.
mrv321  +   2098d ago
It could get better, ever controller can. But for the foreseeable future I don't think Sony could do much.

You could a PSone ONLY player a PS3 dualshock 3 and they'll know what to do. The R2/L2 can be modified I suppose but that's not really a redesign now.

I prefer the convex analogue stick by far I must say, I also prefer the layout with it almost being a mirror image on both sides.

I think the PS3 controller is best controller on the market, with rechargable batteries and all that built it. Sure some might prefer the 360 on for FPS but even then the PS3 may only be lacking SLIGHTLY behind... while if it's a fighter the PS3 one is superior by a noticeable amount.

Build in the PSeye noise cancelling MIC into the controller and add some buttons to control it like the headset, that would be great and fairly easy. It'd add weight but most of all MICS! It'd be a great project. Imagine on the base of the controller you have 2 mics (for noise cancelling) and on the top, left to the USB you have a mute button and a mic sensitivity up an down button.
#2.2 (Edited 2098d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Steve_0  +   2097d ago
I have to say, theres something in that idea of integrating mics... but I think bundled headsets are the way to go, no mechanical moving parts (remember them controllers be vibrating! you dont wanna have a small buzz in the background of all your games do you?), and you also get the benefit of a speaker in your ear. Have team radio on the headset and dedicate environmentals and music to the surround sound.
ELite_Ghost  +   2098d ago
just have a glowing PS button and it'll be perfect :D
xYLeinen  +   2098d ago
Don't even try
Don't even try to change the controller Sony.
ELite_Ghost  +   2097d ago
u know about the triggers add on thing for the DS3??
They should have that they feel really nice
JonnyBigBoss  +   2098d ago
No. My Father always used to say if it isn't broken don't fix it. The DS2/DS3 controllers are still the best controllers I've ever used.
Downtown boogey  +   2098d ago
How about... "Improving" or "evolving"? What did your father say about those kinds of maneuvers?
Morbid Bulldozer  +   2098d ago
Official General  +   2098d ago
I totally agree, do not fix what is not broken. Too many times people don't understand this and they ruin things in the end. I think the PS2 and PS3 controller is near perfect, it works totally fine, there is no need to change anything.
#5 (Edited 2098d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
hennessey86  +   2097d ago
they do
i have big hands and the ps3 controler is uncomfortable for me to hold for long periods of time the 360 control feels more natural to hold they need to make the ps3 control slightly bigger and change the layout of the analogue sticks and improve the triggers it already has the best d pad
BasilMarceaux  +   2098d ago
I agree, dont fix what isnt broken. But personally I'd like 2 changes:
1. Add a little weight and make it feel a little more solid and
2. Please invert those triggers!
washingmachine  +   2098d ago
why,the controller is fine,unless you got big sasuage fingers lol
hennessey86  +   2097d ago
if u have male hands its uncomfortable if u have little girl hands maybe not
BannedForNineYears  +   2098d ago
Indented analog.
Keep the D-pad the same
Up the size of the controller a tad.
L2 and R2 should be curved outward. (Although the way it is now isn't that bad).
Change the design a tad. Just to keep the 360 fanboys from saying

Although if they kept it the way it is now, I honestly wouldn't mind. xD

Related video
CimmerianDrake  +   2098d ago
1. Why? Do you have sweaty hands?
2. Agreed.
3. Why? The design it has now isn't clunky and bulky.
4. Again, sweaty hands?
5. Who cares what the 360 fanboys have to say about it. Look at their controller, it's horrendous.

But it's good to see you'd like it either way.
mindedone  +   2098d ago
1. Yes, sweaty hands.
2. Also agreed.
3. I think it needs to be bulkier. When I play my palms can't touch the controller. My hands cramp afte a long session.
4. Yes, my hands slip.
5. Agreed.
mrv321  +   2098d ago
convex analogue are better in my opinion the are more comfortable for me atleast.

Concave R2/L2 buttons are better because when your watching a DVD/BLU-RAY you don't accidentally fast forward when you put the controller down.
Gamehead36  +   2098d ago
please sony do not concave the analogs...
mastiffchild  +   2098d ago
Why not just include a pair of extenders(I use one on R2 for shooters that have R2, or allow you to map it there, already)and convex AND indented caps for the analog sticks? I've also got an extension for the aiming stick which is supposed to make fine adjustments for things like sniping easier/better-wouldn't a little customisation kit be a great addition so we can outline the controller we like best and still have the option to change it a little to suit certain genres of game?

Do that and you cover the sweaty/dry and big/little finger issues and would be free to work on a new controller alongside the existing DS template. Why does there have to be just one way even if Sony are trying to find something completely new? Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater and you shouldn't be able to mess it up, no? Whatever, I've found the little bits and bobs pretty effective and see no reason why future customisation options shouldn't be even easier and more effective-choice is ke here and this allows the core construction to stay the same reducing costs.
Dannehkins  +   2098d ago
Well I think I agree with everything above, don't fix what isn't broken.

It's satisfied people for years upon years so why change and risk upsetting people?
Sevir04  +   2098d ago
yup, its a perfectly well designed controller
And personally I can't wait for the next addition to the family. The PS MOVE. Can't wait.
madpuppy  +   2098d ago
The controller is fine
maybe make the triggers a little better contoured, I picked up a set of those Gioteck Real Triggers and they work great.

There is one other thing that would be nice though, I would love them to make a version of the DS3 controller just a little larger. To me the DS3 controller seems to be just a little to small for me.
Darkstorn  +   2098d ago
Yeah, I got some Realtriggers as well off Amazon. Now I can't look back :P
Hotel_Moscow  +   2098d ago
controller is fine just add an r4 and l4 button im feeling kind of limited with just 14 buttons
#12 (Edited 2098d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
xabmol  +   2098d ago
Just ship the PS4 with the DS4 and/or the Move. Move is the only other contriller for the PS. No need to change a perfect controller design around just for the sake of making it different if it still has to preform the same exact functions. Move is the next direction of controllers, much like analog was.
redDevil87  +   2098d ago
Change the trigger buttons, R2 and L2
They're not bad but my finger can slip sometimes and they're not the best for fighting games. Apart from that i like the controller.
madpuppy  +   2098d ago
go get some real triggers, man rs-Playstation-3/dp/B001IAOEXU/ ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videog ames&qid=1274037624&sr= 8-1

well worth it.
mastiffchild  +   2098d ago
Exactly, and you can change them back out if another game suits that, and you, better. Seriously, customisation and tailoring your controller for your tastes and whatever game type you're palying should be the future, imo. Make a new controller alongside by all means but don't throw away something which is basically a great controller and easily made even better for certain gamers and different games with relative ease-and isn't irreversible.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   2098d ago
Just make it lighter and improve the r2 and l2 trigger buttons to make them look more like an actual gun trigger..
CimmerianDrake  +   2098d ago
I hear this all the time...
And I keep saying... you do know that there are other games out besides shooters right? R2 and L2 are BUTTONS, not TRIGGERS.

Just sayin'
Darkstorn  +   2098d ago
The point is not to make the L2/R2 buttons LOOK like a gun's trigger, it is to prevent finger slippage. I say make the buttons concave.
Skynetone  +   2098d ago
im pretty sure the ps3 controllers will work with the ps4
so maybe they could chance a Redesign

actually id just move the left analogue to where the d-pad is, d-pad isnt used much any more,
striped94  +   2098d ago
I think the only problem could be that the trigger buttons are never actually used to shoot in shooters.
Croaker  +   2098d ago
Personally the only thing I think that the controller needs is to be a bit 'fatter'
I have large hands so they tend to cramp up because the PS3 controller is slim.
Other than that it doesn't need to be changed. Well, actually I think Sony should have L2 and R2 as actual triggers instead of having to buy those trigger attachments. That's it.
rekof  +   2098d ago
make it fucking cheaper ! They are still so fuckn expensive in my country ,.. Other than that dualshock 3 is perfect ,.. except for the triggers,..fore some people,.. I personally never hat any problems with them,..
hoops  +   2098d ago
Nope. Keep the controller the same. Nothing is wrong with it.
Barbapapa  +   2098d ago
anyone else wanted to tryout the boomerang controller???
TheOrion  +   2098d ago
I'm joining the consensus here, its well designed for its purpose and it is so familiar through their consoles its not something that needs to be changed. Besides, its not like Sony are not experimenting with other control types, the PS Move is proof enough of that.
Ace_Man_6  +   2098d ago
Simply no, the controller works perfectly, u can hold it easy, it just works :)
Hellsvacancy  +   2098d ago
My hands are alot bigger now then what they where when i 1st started usin the PS Controller (nearly 15 years ago), i dont mind the boomerang concept ) i bet its far more comfortable to use
#24 (Edited 2098d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Vip3r  +   2098d ago
Controller is perfect. Just make the L2 and R2 into concave triggers and it's all good.
Quadrix  +   2098d ago
The only change they could make that would be an improvement is a redesign of the trigger buttons.
despair  +   2098d ago
the ps3 controller is fine how it is i have big hands and it works well for me. Why change it when its worked so well for 3 generations so far.
KOOLWIIP  +   2098d ago
i wish they would make the analog sticks shorter,probably about half the height. other than that i like the controller
#28 (Edited 2098d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
A change in the wind  +   2098d ago
I always laugh when 360 brats think the same design over and over is somehow a valid form of PS3 bashing.
-Internal rechargeable lithium ion batteries
-Motion detection
-FAR MORE responsive analog sticks
-BEST D-PAD ever created. Period.
-Pressure sensitive buttons
-L2 & R2 could be designed a tad better, but it`s very minor
-TONS of dead space on the controller
-The buttons are extremely bulbous, giving a sluggish feeling
-WORST D-PAD ever made. Period.
-Analog sticks, while placed nicely, become loose very easily
-AA batteries. (Lol)
-Excellent triggers though (thanks dreamcast)
jaymacx  +   2098d ago
The best D-PAD ever is the japanese Sega Saturn pad (ask any fighting game fan). Why do you think MadCatz revived it for Street Fighter IV? Dual shock would be perfect if it had 6 face buttons and a floating d pad & Dreamcast/360 triggers.
thehitman  +   2098d ago
I think the DS
Has better dpad then sega saturn. Sega Saturn DPAD harder to do directionals sometime because its like a huge button for all directions istead of using up/down/left/right so can miss-press a lot. I think the DS3 is the perfect controller and even though ppl compain about the "trigger" buttons and I quote trigger buttons because thats not their sole purpose I like them better for like racing games etc.

Also to add the DS3 is much better than the sixaxis they made the DS3 bigger so fits the hand better, really dont know what Sony was thinking with no rumble/smaller controller.
OgTheClever  +   2098d ago
Change L2 and R2 back to the way they were with the DS2. That is all.
A change in the wind  +   2098d ago
I dunno, I found they got jammed a lot.

Off topic: 2 bubbles? wow, guess I hurt someone`s tender little feelings.
Hotel_Moscow  +   2098d ago
ds2 l2 and r2 were the same on the ds3 difference is ds3 they have pressure sensitivity
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2098d ago
no, L2/R2 triggers should of just been concave. thats the only problem with the DS 3 controller, the R2/L2 buttons arent concave and they break easily.
#30.3 (Edited 2098d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xXRight3yeXx  +   2097d ago
My R2/L2 triggers on my DS3 broke. The fucking spring was not strong enough. I have to get a pen spring and shape it up like the DS3 which took me 4 hours based on my experience. Gladly, my SIXAXIS is still ok although i'm starting to feel the triggers getting lose. Do you gys have problems like me? I haven't changed the spring yet and it's been 3 months. I feel like just buying a new controller but i don't want to waste money.
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