Should Sony Redesign the PlayStation Controller with "PS4"?

Since the release of the original PlayStation gaming console, Sony has used the DualShock in each of its following gaming systems, the PlayStation 2, and the PlayStation 3. With each release, the necessary improvements have been made to the controller in order to stay even with competition. Many gamers are more than happy with the DualShock controller up to this day because they are accustomed to the controller's feel and love the comfortable setup that it provides. However, others argue that the DualShock is outdated and needs to be completely redesigned the way that Nintendo and Microsoft (to some extent) have done to their respective game pads. Here we will take a look at the evolution of Sony's most popular controller over the years.

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mushroomwig2802d ago

Don't fix what's not broken, that's a great motto.

It's a shame N4G didn't see their website design like that. -__-

toaster2802d ago

I think the new site looks rather nice.

As for the controller, Boomerang FTW!! I always thought that the prototype PS3 controller looks awesome. Sony should totally put it into production.

Reibooi2802d ago

That boomerang would have been nearly impossible to use as a controller. It's shape would cause it to just slide out of your hands.

The DualShock is the best controller out there. Why do you think 90% of the PC controllers made by other companies try their best to copy it? It just works. The PS4 should keep using it there is nothing better they can produce.


''Don't fix what's not broken''

Exactly, that's all people need to know.

Haters of the PS3 Controllers in... 3...2....1:

FlipMode2802d ago

Dont change anything except for the triggers and I'll be happy.

zootang2802d ago

Nintendo lead the way.

Nes/super nes controller. Sets the industry standard. PlayStation Control Pad
N64 Analogue controller. Sets the industry standard. Dual analogue controller
Wii remote. Sets the industry standard. PlayStation Move

What makes anyone think this trend won't continue?
Nintendo Create, PlayStation improve

Just my opinion on controllers

Legosz2802d ago

All they need to do is curve the analogs like the 360 controllers. Other then that it's perfect.

Genji9192802d ago

No, I fucking hate the 360 analog sticks. It takes too much to move them, and when you do you've moved them to far. Too much damn resistance.

HolyOrangeCows2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

If they want to change the shape a bit, I wouldn't mind. Oh, and change the L2/R2.

Otherwise, just keep it the same setup.

I have symmetrical hands, so no, I don't want one control stick an inch higher than the other. And I don't want a useless D-pad that never senses the correct direction. And I don't want a battery pack that comes loose and shuts off the controller ever so often.

The_Count2802d ago

I'm unhappy about losing my 9 bubbles and I'm sure many others are too. Except for the 1 bubble trolls that is. And is 3 bubbles like the max now -_-

Ah ah ah

Darrius Cole2802d ago

The reason Sony didn't change the controller for the PS3 is the that gamers demanded that the controller remain the same.

If anything Sony should move the design back towards the Dualshock 2. Microsoft changed their original Xbox controller to be more like the Dualshock 2. That is evidence that the design of the Dualshock is just fine. If anything, I wish the Dualshock 3 had Dualshock 2 styled R2 & L2 buttons instead of the trigger-buttons it has now.


I miss my 8 bubbles as well. 3 bubbles is not enough to carry on a decent conversation. The new "reply to the reply" feature gives us a reason to use more bubbles and yet they have taken bubbles away.

Zeevious2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Why punish us for the acts of others?

I was legitimately given those 9 bubbles over the course of years of comments. I had them for over a year and a half...

The site was redesigned for the users, and it was the users who gave me and everyone else our bubbles. Why make us pay for the poor quality of people abusing the system here?

We lose because the mods did not do their job, and apparently it's just easier to bump everyone down to 3, than do their job? That's a slap right in the face for the time and effort I have put into my comments here, and my time...Now Wasted.

I question whether I will bother with any other efforts after this very very lazy act by the site operators.

You don't punish your valid contributors to get at the bad ones!

I'm sure many people who legitimately contributed to this site, earned their bubbles and supported N4G would welcome the admins responsibly correcting this mistake.

. . . . .

I agree with Darrius...other than the triggers, I like the DS3 as it is.

Lich1202802d ago

I'd like more resistance in the thumbsticks. I know this will garner disagrees, but I much prefer the feel of the 360 controller for shooters. The dpad is way better on the ps3's controller though. Also, the buttons feel better.

Government Cheese2802d ago

Personally I think they should. Well, maybe just make it slightly larger, about the same size as the 360's controller. I have really long fingers, and I really have a hard time playing on a PS3/PS2 controller for more than a few hours at a time because my hands start hurting. I don't get this problem with the 360 controller.

Anon73492802d ago

Normally I agree with you, but this time you're just being ignorant.

I doubt you've ever held a boomerang controller so maybe you should just shut your face. In no way does it "Slide out of your hands."

It's probably the best controller design ever, it had a perfect dpad, analog sticks, buttons, design, ect

The design makes it easy to rest both finger easily on both R1/L1 and R2/L2 which was one of the biggest disadvantages of the DS3.

shadow27972802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Keep the triggers, make them concave (like those add on things they have now). The triggers are great for racing games, I just dislike the way they curve.

Put a light behind the PS button, just because it would look awesome.
Put more resistance and durability into the analogue sticks.
Give us Eight possible connections instead of Seven (For Move 2, mostly).
Improve force feedback strength.
Sell at a cheaper price :)

Anon19742802d ago

I came across someone once that claimed he was part of a testing group for the boomerang PS3 controllers and he said they were excellent. He particularly liked the rumble features. From what he told me there were multiple rumble motors throughout the boomerang controller, and depending on what was happening the rumble gave almost a 3d effect through your hands. Getting shot from behind? You could tell by the way the controller was rumbling.

That's what I heard anyway. Personally, I'm a fan of the dual shock. Didn't care for the original controllers that shipped with the PS3 - they just felt too light - but once the lawsuit was settled and Sony could put out the rumble controller again, I have to say - feeling the heft of the controller in my hand and feeling the familiar rumble was like coming home.

TheRealWar2802d ago

Are you serious?, i just tested the PS3 and Xbox 360 controller after reading your comment and they are basically the same.Either your xbox 360 controller is broken or you are a very weak person.

Hellas132802d ago

The new L2 R2 are great for driving games

fenix13002801d ago

its not about being strong or weak its about precision. there was an article around the time the pS3 launched that measured the dead zones of each controller and the dead zone of the 360 was much larger than that of the ps3, meaning that you can get better aiming on the PS3. I don't think its possible to be weak enough to not be able to move a joystick LOL

catguykyou2801d ago

I would love for them to change the position and tension of the analog sticks. I guess my thumbs are big because I cant press the start or select button without moving the analog sticks out of the way. The analog sticks also feel kinda loose, thus greater tension. The L2 and R2 triggers are a nice addition with the DS3 however my fingers tend to want to slide off when they are fully pressed. Maybe a curve to them would help. Other than those things, the overall design is classic and has staid the same because it works. I like the horned grip and the 4 button, 4 shoulder placement. Just some little adjustments like what we've seen in the past would be nice.

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SeanRL2802d ago

Same with youtube lol. But yeah the current controller works fine. Maybe a couple additions, but an entirely new controller would be kinda stupid.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I've heard this is the new PS Controller, probably will be at E3 Sony Conference:

Downtown boogey2802d ago

"I've heard this is the new PS Controller, probably will be at E3 Sony Conference"

PlayStation Move? Yeah, I think we've all heard about it... Wait, what's this?..

Trey_4_life2802d ago

Lmao why would they change the perfected design of the playstation dualshock 3?

Have you tried playing street fighter or tekken with other consoles controllers? turns into a noob-fest 101.

catguykyou2801d ago

I would think both controllers have perfectly capable analog stick designs (pretty similar), so I would assume your comment mainly deals with the d-pad, which in a lot of fighter gamers opinions is the noob-fest way of playing....

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Mo0eY2802d ago

The only thing I'd fix is the sensitivity on the L2/R2 buttons. Sometimes when I run to pee, I put the controller down, and in games like BFBC2 and Uncharted 2, I accidentally throw a grenade killing myself.

Other than that and a larger battery, the controller is fine. Miles better than the clunky, non-responsive 360 controller.

toaster2802d ago

I didn't know I could pause the game in multiplayer?!! I should try that next time.

animboo2802d ago

Hahahahaha..that made me laugh..

Mr Logic2802d ago

You can't so called "pause" a game in multiplayer, but usually pushing the start button will bring up some kind of menu that will prevent any triggers from being pressed.

kneon2802d ago

I'd like a rubberized texture on the body of the controller. I think that's it.

Epicor2802d ago

Buy gioteck real triggers for your Dualshock3. They really do work, trust me. I purchased those and never looked back. No more accidential R2/L2 pressing as you put the controller down. And they are concave so no more slippery triggers.

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Anarki2802d ago

The control is fine! The only problem is the really sensitive back buttons(L2/R2) which tend to do shit when I just gently tap them i.e fast forwarding in movies

duplissi2802d ago

then get the bluetooth remote, its much better for watching stuff

captain-obvious2802d ago

i think the dual shock is great as it is
just keep it as it as and name it dual shock 4

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Inside_out2802d ago ShowReplies(2)
zootang2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

wrong reply

zootang2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

@LaChance Below

A 360 controller on a PS3 for $19.99

LaChance2802d ago ShowReplies(5)
ChozenWoan2802d ago

It has two extra buttons on top that would be perfect for fighting games and it would allow developers more options for player control.

This is what the DS4 should be like.

Simon_Brezhnev2802d ago

not sure why you got disagrees but i agree with you i wouldnt mind the 2 face buttons den i wont have to worry about buying some cheap madcatz controller like i did for SF4.

ChozenWoan2802d ago

I've used one for the Emulators on my PC and it's great.

Now that I think about it, I need to try to see if it will work with my PS3. ;)

Sitdown2802d ago

so in your opinion, the DualShock is the perfect controller?

winlonghorn2802d ago

You cannot get any innovation if companies never try to change what works. If that were true, we could say, "Why ever have a PS4? PS3 works just fine!" ;)

xabmol2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

The controller is extremely comfortable in the human hand. What more is there to ask of a perfectly functional game pad? You can't do mutch more than pressure sensitive buttons and anog sticks. And as far as those go, Sony is the leader. From the widened analog movement for increased precision to the best Dpad on the market.

You can't take the game pad any further. 3D motion controls are the next step.

dtalon32802d ago

really? perfect eh? tell that to my thumbs when they clash together from the sticks being too close together. What pressure sensitive mumbo jumbo are you talking about? no one likes the damn pressure sensitive crap, even most people who DO like the controller complain about those stupid pressure sensitive "triggers" if you can call that a trigger. Ergonomic huh? the controller doesn't even feel like it should be something in your hand. Sony has the worst controller IMO (bring on the disagrees fanboys).

I will give one feature to the ps3...D-pad, sony wins that battle hands down.

baker_boi2802d ago

Dude, c'mon...Your thumbs crash together on the analog sticks? You must have some EXTREMELY long thumbs or Extremely big hands. Either way that sucks for you lol.

Why the hell would you be pressing the analog sticks towards each other anyway? I don't know a game that has you do that. And in most games you only usin one stick anyway.

So I think you just trollin or tryna show your fanboy draws.

And pressure sensitivity has been added in EVERY controller to date after the DS2 added it in. So who loves it? I guess everybody. Try playin any racing game, or any game where you have to drive some mobile and tell me pressure sensitivity aint the business.

The back "triggers", which I think shouldn't be triggers at all(Bring back my back border SONY)aren't sensitive because a "pressure" feature, they're just fricken hanging out there. They're like hair pins. Folly of the design. It was perfect the way it was with the DS1 and DS2.

And of course it has a nice D-Pad.

But anyway dtalon your logic kinda stinks. You don't redesign something unless it's broken or doesn't work. Which is why MS redisgn they're big bricks, and Nintendo just did redesigns just to be doing it. And all of em have sucked except the Class PRO(PRO = Playstation Rip Off).

MS, Idea was also to get their controller as close to the DS design without being sued. So they used Nintendo's button scheme and SONY's layout, switch the D-Pad with one Analog stick.

Meanwhile, SONY has only changed their original design by adding two analog sticks in the middle and ripping out the wired cord.

Besides that, yall 360 owners the ones who laughed the "Boomerang" out of the house. What the hell would you want a redesign for? It's not like you'd use it anyway. Jeez.

dtalon32802d ago

Don't want to burst your bubble but I do own a Ps3 as well as a 360 and the craptastic wii. I enjoy my 360 and my ps3 for what I use them for. that is neither here nor there.

I was simply commenting on how much I dislike the playstation design with their controller although lets be truly fair here the award for worst may have to go to the gamecube.

I should correct myself though, there is nothing wrong with the pressure sensitive buttons just sony's R2/L2 bu...whatever they are.
If all M$ did was redesign the dual shock without copyright infringement well then mission accomplished because that thing fits like a glove.

to be fair also you may have a point about my big hands because I kinda enjoyed the "BOAT" controller from the original xbox...though the redesign for the 360 feels much better all around to me.

"Dude, c'mon...Your thumbs crash together on the analog sticks?"

----->yes, playing shooters only though. not with other conventional games.

mushroomwig2802d ago

Indeed it is.

@Winlonghorn, we're talking about the controller, not the system itself. There is a big difference.

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Killjoy30002802d ago

I don't think a redesign is necessary, more of just some refinements and nice looking facelift.

joemayo762802d ago

but i'm thinking they should change the appearance of the face buttons (circle, X, square , triangle, d-pad) to appear more like sixaxis "boomerang" buttons as altho the controller design looked odd the buttons looked really sleek with that "bubble-like" appearance

duplissi2802d ago

yeah, just make it a little more ergonomic (maybe fill out the handles a bit like the 360 pad), i wouldnt mind if the sticks were concave, and i know it doesnt bother me but some would like a curve to the l2/r2, but other than those keep the layout the exact same.

K-Tuck2802d ago

That would be fine, except for the boomerang controller had angled buttons and an angled D-pad. I can say for sure that when up on the controller isn't precisely up, it leads to nothing but frustration.

If Sony had kept it that way, I would have been very upset.

ShadowRyuX2802d ago

Sony should have a DualShock 4 that would come with the PS4 and would closely resemble the DS3, except it could probably be a little bigger and have triggers identical to the 360's controller.
Then they could have the DS4S or DualShock 4 Shooter. This would would much more closely resemble the 360 controller, but still have a bit of DS flavor.

That would be what I'd like anyways, because when I play God of War or 3D Dot Game Heroes I couldn't picture using the 360 controller, but when I play KZ2 I can't help but think how much more comfortable the 360 controller would be.

Raf1k12802d ago

I prefer the symmetrical layout of the DS3. It feels more natural compared to the 360s IMO what with symmetry being such an integral part of nature.

Anyway, being able to use the DS3 with the PS4 would be great.

kaveti66162802d ago

For some reason I prefer the asymmetrical nature of the analogs on the 360. It just feels more ergonomic.

JL2802d ago

I'm with you Raf. For some reason, when I've played my friend's xbox before, I can NOT get past that asymmetry of the controller. I absolutely need that symmetry that the playstation controller provides. That 360 controller just feels....unnatural (like you said.

Also, I do NOT want them to make the playstation controller bigger like the 360 controller. The 360 controller is just too bulky for me. Maybe I have small hands or something, but the 360 controller just doesn't feel "comfortable" to me due to it's bulkiness.

To me, in overall design of the Playstation controller is fairly perfect. There should be some tweaks here and there though in details. They could change those "triggers" maybe something closer to back what the DS2 was like. Concave like the 360 would be nice. Though I'm not sure I'd like the same position as the 360 has, they just don't feel right to me there (or course that could also be due to the bulkiness of the controller throwing the positioning of the triggers a bit off in my hands).

All in all though they should do like they've always done: keep the same controller, just make a few tweaks here and there.

user8586212802d ago


more like nintendo create, sony perfect xD

IrishAssa2802d ago

Steel the 360's triggers and it just might be the greatest controller ever

BrianC62342802d ago

I agree. Sony's controller is great. Don't mess with it. Of course Microsoft had to redesign their controller. The Xbox controller was terrible. I haven't used the 360 controller but I doubt it's better than the PS3's controller. Leave what works alone. The only reason to mess with it would be if the PS4 has a system like Natal where you don't need a controller. I find it hard to believe a console in the next ten years will be good enough to completely dump the old controllers.

Elimin82802d ago

Don't fix it if it isn't broken. I would say the only alteration needed is to make it a bit bigger. not too big but people like me who got big hands get serious cramps playing with the current DS...

mindedone2802d ago

the size. I don't think anyone wants a huge revision, just mold improvements. The 3rd party controllers fix this problwm, but screw up everything else. The duel shock it just too well crafted in almost every other sense

mantisimo2802d ago

I totally agree but I think there should be 3 sizes, one for kids a little smaller than the present one (watching my little dude play by using the ball of his thumb on the left anologue stick makes me laugh) keep the present size for everyone happy with it now and a large one for dudes like us with big hands. But please don't change the layout or make it dil*o shaped.

JL2802d ago

That's actually a brilliant idea. Sizes. Cause I for one love the size of the playstation controller as it is (and the ergonomics and everything). Of course I do have smaller hands, so I can at least understand people with bigger hands wanting a bigger controller. Selling multiple sizes would be absolutely brilliant. Though it would be interesting going in to buy a PS4 at the store and the clerk has to ask your size lol or you can't get it cause they don't have your size in. I do like that idea though cause I don't want the size of the controller changed.

DigitalHorror812802d ago

Change the R2 L2 buttons into triggers like the ones you can clip on. Change nothing else.

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Downtown boogey2802d ago

Move, anyone?
That's the next thing right there!

secksi-killer2802d ago

the dualshock is good for footie and fighting games. but for shooting, driving and action games, i personally think that the 360 is better.

Darkstorn2802d ago

I think the PS3 controller needs concave L2/R2 buttons to more closely resemble triggers.

The only other thing I can think of is to make it possible to switch the D-pad and left thumbstick on the fly, like a click-out, click-in sort of deal. More customization options are always the right way to go.

f7897902802d ago

Like this gen they made the R2 and L2 buttons squeeze in differently. Now all they need to do is make them curve outward so there's no finger slipping.

Comet2802d ago

That boomerang controller "prototype" was a PLAYSTATION ONE controller!

I have one that looks exactly like it.. except it's PS1 only, wired, and doesn't have 2 analog sticks...!!! Oh, and it's hideous.

Legosz2802d ago

I said nothing about resistance of anaologs. I mean they should curve them so our thumbs stay on better.