Free Gift Card and Game Sales at Target 5/16

Video Game sales and a free gift card this week at U.S. Target stores. Want to save some cash?

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Paradise2930d ago

The amazon deal is better.

respawnaction2930d ago

Just looked it up, aren't they both giving away $10? Seems the same to me. Unless you are referring to a prior deal that I wasn't aware of. :?

xabmol2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

$20 gift card from Amazon.

Oops... I thought they were talking about RDR too. It's all over the place on that page and even in the article pic but no deal is mentioned. WTF?

respawnaction2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )


RDR was only mentioned for it's release this week as it is still a big title. The deal was for S/S and ME2/BIo2.
I posted a great RDR deal yesterday.

The article only mentions Target will have RDR at 8 am.


RAZORLAND2930d ago

How did this lameness get approved?

respawnaction2930d ago

@Razorland Maybe some people would want to know about ME2 and Bio2 being $40? Maybe some people want Split/Second?

jjohan352930d ago

Agree with razorland. This article is lame. Don't have photos of RDR all over the place if it's not even in the article. Use some other photo.