GT5: Four Brand New Nürburgring Shots

Videogameszone published 4 brand new Nürburgring screenshots of Gran Turismo 5.

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Takoulya2802d ago

It just seems to get better and better. I can't wait for this game. Wait, not a game, a work of art.

-Ikon-2802d ago

All this time IS paying off. Good look PD cant wait!!!

iPad2802d ago

If GT5 was released years ago, I would have been disappointed.

Polyphony Digital, you guys are effing beasts.

MNicholas2802d ago

Release the game already!

This game is the only reason I would buy a PS3 anyway.

I don't watch movies, TV or, generally, play games. I do enjoy cars and driving.

This is easily the best way to narrow down the list of cars I'd consider buying.

What would be truly exciting is if this game could also run in 3D (even if it has to run at 480P to do it). That would be something I could get excited about.

God of War 3? Blah.
Gears of War 3? I'd rather stick a pencil in my ear.
GT5 in 3D? Too exciting for words!

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thematrix12982802d ago

Yeah...release the game already :(. They can make online updates as they add new content.

Narutone662802d ago

will complain about the game's needing updates every time.

secksi-killer2802d ago

truely stunning! a firm 2010 release date for that bad-boy could easily be the biggest announcement at e3 this year.

Close_Second2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

...but the trees/foliage still look average. The same cardboard model look - its always something that I notice when I have played previous iterations of the game.

Yes, I know its about the driving which is why I will buy this day 1 but I do which the'd bring in more realistic plant life to match the standard they seem to be setting with the graphics elsewhere.

Also, looks like other than the cars and a few movable objects that the shadows seem pre-rendered. You can tell by looking at that overhead image with the crash barriers on the right hand side of the track which cast no shadow. Mind you, could just be the angle...

meetajhu2802d ago

OMFG! Having a high end PC and maxing out any game wouldn't look anywhere near that. WoW hats off to Polyphony Digital. I think Sony has the best devs in this world. I wish there was no piracy and they would develop for PC! Still PS3 by far the best console ever made!

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The story is too old to be commented.