Eurogamer Retrospective: Zone of the Enders 2

What's more cunning than Metal Gear Solid boss fights that broke the fourth wall, more intricate than the labyrinthine plot twists that bound the series to obscurity, and maybe more sincere altogether? Try Hideo Kojima's frantic Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

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DA_SHREDDER2958d ago

Hideo, if you dont make this game, then you as a dev are dead to me.

Nitrowolf22958d ago

I heard allot from Zone of enders only played 1, such a great game
I hope Kojima gets them to release a HD remake of 1 and 2 and also get 3 out.
Its so hard for me to find 2 here

N4GAddict2958d ago

You should buy part 2. It is way better than the first

The Great Melon2958d ago

Definitely get ZOE2. By far my favorite mech game.

Redempteur2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

ZOE 2 improved everything ..
story , music , battle mecanics , weapons , game modes ...

If a HD remake is annonced i'll pre order this instant ...

Punch-o2958d ago

I have this game its great.

N4GAddict2958d ago

Yup, one of the best action games ever made

Apocalypse Shadow2958d ago

you like kojima

you like anime

you like mecha

you NEED ZOE2.hoping for a ZOE3.

Hakimy2958d ago

I have the opening song (which is the ending song too) in my phone! I love this game.who can forget those moments where you destroy almost 50 robots in a row or when destroy the huge ships? we need ZOE3 asap :D

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