Xbox 360 Special Forces Division Plays Ball

What do Xbox 360 Special Forces Division members Izawa, Morito and San Roku Maru do when they're not securing exclusives major titles for Microsoft?

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dangert122863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

what is the point of them without out them i'm sure we would still of got
The Fall Out DLC
The MW 2 DLC
Bio Shock 1

what are they really doing

Natsu X FairyTail2863d ago

dummy. these guys are from the japanese division. So they try and secure new games like monster hunter Online on xbox and the new Robot game that havent been announced yet. it's probably a new gundam or exclusive armored core.

dangert122863d ago

well there not very good what do they have but monster hunter online that we don't

Godmars2902863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Armored Core 5 is multiplatform as far as I know, Another Century R is PS3 only so far, and the latest Gundam title though currently arcade-only was built on PS3 architecture giving a strong hint where its likely headed.

Not saying I don't want to see them on the 360, don't really care, but I am tired of MS spoilsport tactics as far as Japan gaming is concerned.

Though these commercials are funny.

dizzleK2863d ago

monster hunter online is an old japanese pc title that flopped. i wouldn't hang my hat on having a warmed-over cow pie ported.

asdf122863d ago

These guys must really suck, lol.

I guess they play ball a lot.

Obama2863d ago

Can't blame them since the xbox 360 is very unpopular in asia overall.

scofios2863d ago

Recently, there was somewhat of an uproar when a commercial featuring the three revealed that San Roku Maru, the guy with the Xbox 360 logo for a head, doesn't have an 360 . and why should he ? its japan almost Nobody has one.