5 Reasons LittleBigPlanet 2 Will Be A True Successor

Ironstar: "Some people thought LittleBigPlanet didn’t need a sequel because it could be expanded with the use of DLC. Apparently Media Molecule is ready to shatter our imaginations with this huge PS3 exclusive."

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HighDefinition2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Because the PS3 is a monster and MediaMolecule are genius.

This is EASILY my most anticipated game of 2010.

Reibooi2956d ago

The 2 things that excite me the most are the ability to make cut scenes(with you own sounds and voice over which is AWESOME) and the ability to string levels together to make a entire game.

Seriously just thinking about what the community will do with that makes me giddy like a school girl.

HighDefinition2956d ago

My mind is racing w/ ideas. I can`t wait for E3. We NEED a presentation.

MajestieBeast2956d ago

Cant wait to see how that c&c clone looks like that they were talking about. Also if we can create rpgs with weapons like swords cause then its gonna be insane.

blusoops2956d ago

which leads me to believe that the story mode MM will create will be awesome! No more random noises for voice....hopefully.

thor2956d ago

There are more features confirmed that you didn't know about; my personal favourite new feature is the control seat! Now I can do things like keep an inventory, directly control machines, or become a different creature entirely! I can now make arcade games that play smoothly, and create switches that respond quickly to inputs. Some more features you might not have heard about (posted by me on forums):

- You can customize sackbots with your collected costumes
- You can tweak gravity
- New objects include bounce pads (no need for flipper pistons)
- You can create instances of the same object and tweak them all at once
- A new holographic material can be used to create a HUD
- The campaign mode will be longer than in the original LBP
- You'll be able to use all costumes, stickers, materials etc. from the 1st game
- There will be a Q&A next week so we can get more info

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sikbeta2956d ago

LBP = Awesome Game

LBP2 = A Better Sequel + Ability Of Create Your OWN Games + Compatibility with 2 million levels created in the First one


HSx92956d ago

When can I preorder!?!? I hope we also get exclusive content for preordering :)

Cueil2956d ago

everyone forgot about Kodu...

MajestieBeast2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

They didnt forget it, i guess it just wasnt on the radar for most people.

Mc Fadge2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

But even comparing the complexity of LBP2 with Kodu (from what I saw at least) is wrong. Kodu seemed more focused on interactions and interactive environments, while LBP is focused on creating levels, and now games. Granted I haven't seen what people have produced with Kodu now that it's come out, but the demonstrations I saw never seemed as solid as LBP or its soon to be successor.

Biggest2956d ago

I didn't forget about it. It's the equivalent of magic in the largely popular anime Bleach, right?

MajestieBeast2956d ago

The list of features says enough which is more then most games hell they could call it lbp3 with all the features they are adding they could even make it a new IP if they wanted cause no1 would cry about it.

tdogchristy902956d ago

I own both consoles and love them both for what they offer. When I saw LBP2 it just reafirmed my belief that this may be my last console generation. One cause I'm getting too old and don't have the time and two because the quality and graphics that are this generation make me say "why need a new console generation?", things are just looking great!

SupeerSteebbi2956d ago

Only 5 reasons? I can think of many many many more.

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