Red Dead Redemption Banned in the UAE?

MEGamers: "According to a retailer at Dubai Mall, Rockstar’s soon-to-be-releasing old west themed action-adventure, Red Dead Redemption, has been banned in the UAE. Red Dead Redemption, developed by Rockstar San Diego, is all set to release on May 21st, 2010 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 world wide.

There has been no official statement from either Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive, however, when we contacted Red Entertainment, the local distributor for Rockstar Games, we received the usual PR reliable: “no comment”."

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coolcut1352959d ago

if it is banned in the UAE it most probably is banned in Saudi Arabia as well... but heres to hoping its not banned anywhere

comp_ali2959d ago

Even if it were banned , just like the other banned games , there is another way around and some shops sell them.

saimcheeda2959d ago

we dont see the racists who usually come up on these articles and insult muslims!

MiamiACR2959d ago

Your just asking for it Saimcheeda

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Strange_Evil2959d ago

^^^^ Did a PS3 fanboy piss in your coffee?

dragunrising2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Islam isn't a race. Arab is a race. All Muslims are not Arab.

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Darkstorn2959d ago

Let's hope it's not banned. This game looks like it'll be a blast.

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