Red Dead Redemption: Shooting Style

Lusogamer published Red Dead Redemption gameplay(Shooting Style).

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SeanRL2841d ago

RDR sure is popular on n4g right now.

Jikla2841d ago

Bet it's because it's getting released in 2 days.

The_Kills2841d ago

Have you seen how it's panning out? And also, why not, its a game by R* thats been in development for a while.

SeanRL2841d ago

I know, it looks awesome.

Croaker2841d ago

Is it just me or is no animation for cocking the hammer back after each shot is fired? The revolver he is using is a Colt SAA. It is not a double action revolver.
Maybe I can't see it...

Kashadoo2841d ago

This is actually 1990s and the there were automatic pistols already. You can even buy Mauzer in this game.

Croaker2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

No it's not 1990 in the game, yes there were automatics, however you can clearly see that he is using the "cattleman revolver" which is based directly off of the Colt SAA. Ya' know the famous single action revolver that's only in every cowboy film.
Look at it.

Calm down? I was calm to begin with, what the hell are you talking about? Perhaps you should calm down, no?
I noticed something that is out of place. For me this kill immersion. The details matter.

Croaker2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )


I don't wear panties. Yes, I do know for certain that it is a single action revolver. I own one, you can plainly see that is a Colt SAA in that video. That revolver was never produced as a double action.
Where did I ever say that it'll ruin the game for me? Can you point this out to me?
I recall saying that it'll kill the immersion somewhat, but by no means ruin the experience for me.

I was calm before and I'm still calm now, perhaps you shouldn't assume that people are bent out of shape, yes?

jmare2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Maybe you should calm down about the little shit.

xabmol2841d ago

It's the little shit that makes a good game great.

jmare2841d ago

That's true, but nitpicking tiny details like that makes a good game bad.

@ croaker. No need to get your panties in a bunch. And you don't know for certain that it's a Single Action Army, you are assuming. And out of all the details that are incorrect in this game, or any game for that matter, this one tiny detail ruins it for you? That's why I said calm down.

JsonHenry2841d ago

Fan of Glen Cook books?

micro_invader2841d ago

Man, every shot you, and deliver, looks like it really, really hurts.

Few more days.

micro_invader2841d ago

Christ, I must sleep more. I seem to miss out on entire words and my grammar gets fucked.

This is what I wanted to say.

"Man, every shot you take, as well as deliver looks like it really, really hurts."

Much better.

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