Top 10 Melee Weapons

In today's shooter-filled market, we spend a lot of time spraying bullets and looking down scopes. But every modern shooter gives us some kind of blunt weapon or knife for up-close encounters. In real life, if a badguy charged at you with a knife, you'd probably still shoot him.

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Ziriux2712d ago

I like the good ol' knife.

Darkstorn2712d ago

I'd put Bioshock's wrench above Halo 3's gravity hammer, though. Otherwise, great list.

Valay2712d ago

I seriously love the hammer.

mau642712d ago

me too, the hammer in both those games are great.

gameseveryday2712d ago

The Crowbar is FTW! Nothing comes closer!

smashly2712d ago

that's right, it has so many uses in Half Life... freaking love that game.

solar2712d ago

maybe in HL:3 we can see dual Crowbars!! oh wait, Valve isnt that stupid.

Inside_out2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Nothing beats brutal take downs like Sam Fisher in Conviction...Based on REAL world Krav Maga principles...

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brandynevils2712d ago

I can't wait to play Dead Rising 2

mau642712d ago

The noise the gravity hammer produces is awesome. If the enemy has that, I run as far away as I can

brandynevils2712d ago

same here, that and the energy sword make me run.

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The story is too old to be commented.