Activision Secures All Types Of Warfare

Scrawl: "Activision has gone out on a trademarking spree recently, securing possible names for future Call of Duty titles such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Space Warfare. On the same day, they’ve also registered countless domains for each title and their possible sequels."

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rroded2805d ago

that the gost of IW could come n snatch your money tree?

sad thing is you've already killed it

N4GAddict2805d ago

Overmilking at its finest

kingjoker342805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

it is true that Activision is milking, but I can almost bet on it they trademarked these names so other devs dont use the names.

ZombieNinjaPanda2805d ago

Overmilking and quite possibly some of the gayest and overused names I have seen for first person shooter games.

Expect nothing original out of Acti anymore, then again, what originality did they have?

Persistantthug2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

So that way if/when it comes up in court who the name CALL OF DUTY belongs to, Activision will have the added firepower of claiming they have alot tied into it.

Basically, it's extra legal ammunition and firepower, so to speak.

BattleAxe2805d ago

All I have to say is Hello Bungi.....

MiamiACR2805d ago

Space warfare?.......really activision......come on.

solar2805d ago

the dumbing down of the CoD series started with CoD:4.

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SinnedNogara2805d ago

The sad thing is that as cool as all these games seem, Infinity Ward will never make them the grand masterpieces with all their lead staff members going to Respawn.

N4GAddict2805d ago

Infinity Ward is an empty shell of itself

RyuDrinksTheDew2805d ago

they kept the proft glasses on to long and failed to notice how many people are simply turning the other way when COD news comes out.

peeps2805d ago

and yet mw2 is 1 (or is it THE) best selling game ever?

xabmol2805d ago

Get ready for the milk! I can already smell the cow shit...

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The story is too old to be commented.