Any info on gay rights in video games history?

Perhaps this image will answer your question

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Valay2652d ago

I think even Nintendo gets confused with Birdo's gender sometimes. I'm being honest.

gameseveryday2652d ago

'Pong is invented and thousands of man played together'. I just loled at that.

GUCommander2652d ago

Nintendo DOES confuse Birdo's gender....always.

Montrealien2652d ago

Nintendo is not confused, however Birdo sure is. I remember in the Super Mario bros 2 book it clearly stated that birdo wanted to be a girl and since he could not lay eggs like a girl, he just layed them threw his nose, or something along those lines.

uzair212652d ago

I wonder if Nintendo was the innovator of this all?

Montrealien2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

If anything, Masaya has the be on the front lines of gay gaming, Super Big Brother on the PC engine is as gay as it comes..

DelbertGrady2652d ago

Bully is probably the one, in my memory, that caused most of an uproar. Diversity is great, both it in games and everywhere else.

Darkstorn2652d ago

Very reasonable comment - I'm surprised at the disagrees.

Also, Bioware has included some compelling gay characters in their games.

MorganX2652d ago

#1 Why?
#2 Try Jade Empire

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