Gran Turismo 5 – Nürburgring Nordschleife Gameplay "Hello dear friends of motorsport. Today we will get from the live 24-hour race from Nurburgring and present you our first gameplay clip of the brand new Gran Turismo 5 demo playable here on site."


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GUCommander2931d ago

Can't wait. This game looks very very awesome. I just wish they would release it many years has it been now? Too many to count? :P

Anarki2931d ago

5.... Sucks to be you if you cannot count that far xD

Abriael2931d ago

Seeing the connection between the F1 circuit and the Nordschleife is almost moving. if I'm not wrong this is the first time that the full 24 hours track (F1 + Nordschleife) is featured in a racing sim of this scope :D

Now I just wish they allowed endurance coop races online with 4 drivers taking turns at the wheel. How awesome would that be?

Theonik2931d ago

That would be unbelievably awesome!

bobcostus2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Looks great, but that driver BLEW.

Cevapi882931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

lol spins out on a straightaway...sparks looked cool and he was probably showing the vehicle off and the graphics rather than driving yamauchi is taking part in the 24 hr race...i wonder how he did?

Edit: Damn he got 4th place, now that is guy who knows cars...respect to you good sir

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Djeeaz2931d ago

My GOTY, but the driver sucked...

ThatArtGuy2931d ago

I love how he tried to push the car passing him off the road. It caused him to spin out and lose 4 positions. I *loathe* racers that think "rubbin' is racin'!"

yoghurt2931d ago

There are several vids on youtube now, even though they are off-screen captures it looks amazing, also some show a hood view which apparently is new to GT

be prepared for a E3 info-fest, and hopefully that all important release date

@ above, it has been a while, but you only need to look into how much has been put into this game and it's understandable, the detail is staggering

macka2931d ago

its nice to see damage turned on, seems pretty minimal but the back bumper is hanging loose and sparks fly off when he hits another car - havent seen that before.

Abriael2931d ago

Honestly, after playing forza 3, with all the promises of a "ultra-realistic visual damage model" turn 10 did, resulting in some extremely limited and completely precalculated damage that looked extremely irrealistic and didn't even reflect actual hits (being hit in the back and receiving visual damage on the sides is epic fail), I decided to completely stop worrying about visual damage.

The purpose of the game is to avoid it anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.