Red Dead Redemption: Playing Poker

Lusogamer published Red Dead Redemption gameplay (Playing Poker).

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sixaxis2930d ago

why they havent shown ps3 gameplay, if it really is sub hd, it might be a deal breaker for me.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2930d ago

Its going to be 1152x640(QAA) just like GTAIV...

facelike2930d ago

You sure are fighting the 360 fight today. I checked your comment history, you blast the PS3 for everything.

And when you found out split second was a lower resolution on the 360, you instead defended it's stance.

And you are all over this thread, just give it up, let people make up their own mind. Stop trying to scare people from buying the PS3 version.

S_C2930d ago

theres a pic of the ps3 version even tho its taken using a camera and not direct feed from ingame, but i still think the graphics looks very good form this pic

Lirky2930d ago

leaks galore, Its surprising the ending isnt leaked yet. im sure thatll come never since the game is too massive.

Omar912930d ago

looks cool.. to bad i dont know how to play poker

MGRogue20172930d ago

Just so you know.. That guy who toke that pic was playing the game in 480p with a component cable.

I got in contact with him lol

ThatCanadianGuy2930d ago


People are making way to big a deal out of this.If there was any type of negatives with the PS3 version at least ONE of the dozens of previews would of mentioned it.

And the PS magazine that gave it 10/10 would of said something for sure considering how harsh they are with things like that.

Just fanboys spreading FUD and grasping at straws.

Strange_Evil2930d ago

I am a little bit nervous about this.. I have it pre-ordered for my PS3, but these recent claims about it being Sub-HD are really giving me the signals to change that for the 360. Is it really component? It works on the same GTA engine and PS3 was 640P there, so this might as well be the case. Also R* hasn't showed any PS3 footage... Same thing happened with FF13 360 and we know how that turned out..

Here is hoping the PS3 version is on par... I like the exclusive content on the PS3 and I play open world games for a loooooong time, so getting it for the 360 might be risky lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.