PS3 3D

A list of ps3 games going 3d and information on the playstation going 3d.

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vhero2956d ago

Definitely want to go 3D with my PS3 it's the next step up getting a new TV soon and waiting for 3D TV's to drop won't be long now. Just gotta wait for TV's smaller than 50" to support 3D in UK.

yoghurt2956d ago

there are already sub 50" 3d tv's in the uk

Samsung have several including 40"

Trey_4_life2956d ago

Nice will have to get me a new 3D bravia when they are released and onto subject, this 3D is adding yet another dimension to the PS3, is there anything the ps3 can't do?

TrailerParkSupervisr2956d ago

...hugs 60" DLP 3-D Ready Misubishi.

Monkey D Luffy2956d ago

... cos that's the closest thing to losing your virginity you'll ever engage in >,>

Rusco872956d ago

I want to make the transition to 3D but not just yet. i think that head tracking might be the best way establish 3D for consoles.

does anyone know if the PS3 will be able to play 3DBlu-rays or not?

WhittO2956d ago

Wipeout would look amazing in HD, really though this wont effect me until i get a 3D TV, and since I just bought a 42" Sony Bravia I dont think I will be upgrading soon haha.

Whoooop2956d ago

Something about PlayStation systems always pushing the envelope comes to mind...


secksi-killer2956d ago

sony must be pleased that they have an army of internet message board dwellers thumping their chests on their behalf!!

but as i have just got a very nice samsung, this wont be affecting me anytime soon.

Whoooop2956d ago

I'll take fries with those tears... :~(

secksi-killer2956d ago

dont judge me by your standards whooop. i think my ps3 is great, and i finally got round to buying gow3 yesterday and the game is incredible...i wish i hadnt waited so long.

but i have to ask, why you would think that i am crying?? i have a well paid job and can afford a new 3d tv. but seeing as i just got my new samsung in december, i wont be upgrading again.

Whoooop2956d ago

Glad you're enjoying it mate... GOW3 I mean.

Samsung TV's are great, no need to jump on 3d just yet anyway.


DarkSpawnClone2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

secksi-killer don't be such a fanboy dude, that was really who's chest do you hump LOL MS ? Nintendo ? or maybe you hump Sonys "chest too" i find it strange some one would hump some ones "chest" but yeah w.e ever floats your boat.

i still haven't got GOW3 yet ;[ sadness,games are so expensive

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gameslowdown2956d ago

Glad you guys liked my article ;) think I'll like it hear at n4g :D

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The story is too old to be commented.