The Reasons Why Agent Is A PS3 Exclusive

Exclusives will soon be something of the past, or at least that’s what many in the industry would like gamers to believe. And it’s true, if they’re referring to publishers like Activision, EA, THQ Take Two amongst others. It really makes no sense at all to make a game exclusive to one console and leave out 40 million potential consumers.

So why on God’s earth would Rockstar, the company behind stellar efforts like GTA, and the upcoming hot shot Red Dead Redemption develop another one of its promising titles, Agent, exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 3?

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Nicholas Cage2956d ago

great read, you know at the 2009 press confrence he stated it would have the same "must have value" as grand theft auto. a ps3 exclusive rockstar game? its like a dream come true, there such great developers.

Echo3072956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Yes they are. For me, I don't really care how or why it's coming for PS3 only, it's just going to be interesting to see what Rockstar can do with the PS3's hardware when they're not restrained by having to make multiplats "even".

The story Pachter gives is sound, but how can he really expect people to take him seriously? Over half of what he spouts is either wrong or extremely obvious.

Shadow Flare2956d ago

True, but this isn't a prediction by pachter. This is info he's attained from people he knows within the industry. And his story does seem sound.

I find it incredible that Microsoft would pay $75 million to bring GTAIV to the 360. But it goes to show that Rockstar wanted to make it ps3 exclusive. And with the hell they must have experienced trying to cram their visions onto 1 dvd, i don't blame them for wanting to develop at least one ps3 exclusive game. So they can create with freedom and no limitations

MasFlowKiller2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

There is one piece missing.
and its called L.A. Noire
The Developers of L.A. Noire,
Team Bondi were once part of SCEE.
$22 million in and very little progress,
sony drop support for the tittle
R* liked the concept of the game and picked it up.
Since sony put 22mil into L.A. Noire
and they were losing exclusivity on GTA4,
Sony and R* made the "one Exclusive tittle" agreement.

You guys thinks that a developers can just use $22 million from one publishers and take their game to another publisher without some form of compensation?

No way, Team Bondi and R* needed sony's consent, and what better way to get it then giving them one more exclusive tittle.

PCnPS3Gamer2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

did pachter ever stop and think that its not always just about selling millions. fuck this guy is whats wrong with the gaming industry not to try to sound like a fanboy but man i'm really glad sony still has some ethics, i know they're not perfect, but they are collecting all the creative devs that don't just care about the money which is good for us gamers. he says exclusives are going to be a thing of the past, yet every year sony doubles theyre exclusive and new ip's....this guy really has to get paid by microsoft and nintendo cause he seems to stick his fingers in his ears and go la la la la when it comes to sony and their business model and future plans.......Im glad hes confirming agent is exclusive still more thing does pachter realize that devs like insomniac and molecule like to develop for the ps3 and know they have way more creativity at theyre disposal, sony doesnt make devs add anything they can choose to make a game better or add custom soundtracks or add cross game invites etc...look at mw 2 for example that game is garbage yet it has cross game invites. its no secret the ps3 has more power then then the 360 some devs rather tap into that power and make a great game a true AAA rather than make 2 alright games......

Kerrby2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Pachter is wrong, about everything.

GTA IV was never going to be a PS3 exclusive.

Sony funded LA NOIRE, but pulled out after little to no progress and the head of the company (McNamara) being a total dick.

Instead of Sony demanding their money back, Take-Two and Rockstar held a meeting with Sony. They went through all the games (Red Dead Redemption was offered) until Rockstar pitched the idea for Agent. Then a deal was done.

EDIT: Argh, didn't read above me.

Anyway, the point is that Pachter is an idiot and nobody believes what he has to say anymore.

Tony-A2956d ago

I'm really sorry for pointing this out, but you did it more than twice:

Tittle - The dot above lower case letters such as "i" and "j".

Title is what you wanted.

MasFlowKiller2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

you are right.
I wanted to be the first to point out the big loophole in Pachter theory and
in my rush wrote like a high school dropout, lol
but yeah, where in the hell does Pachter get his info from?, lol
he is always wrong in someway.

PCnPS3Gamer2956d ago

he gets his info from microsoft so makes sense that hes wrong lol

Trey_4_life2956d ago

There is only one reason it's coming to the ps3, BLU-RAY! Rockstar are getting bored of the infamously primitive DVD9.

Kerrby2956d ago

What the hell is with the disagrees?

Petro2952d ago

Kerrby: Maybe people click Disagree cause they Disagree?

I'm waiting to see some Agent in game videos or at least some info please! I don't like GTA that much so I hope it's something different.

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factory2956d ago

pachter asks why media mo0lecule and insomniac dont go multi platform and wonders aloud that they must "like their deal with sony". maybe those companies understand that on an artistic level, sony might be the best videogame company in the world to work with. all their first and second parties rave about that aspect of the company and if they werent happy , wouldnt they do what bungie and bizarre creations did and bolt? the developers are artists first and the publishers are about money first. movies work the same way

fantasygamer2956d ago

Media Molecule is now a first party developer with SCEE ^-^ they were married a few months ago ^-^
( )

bruiser812956d ago

@ 1.2.1

Wow, Patcher didnt mention that fact or didnt know it. Some analyst huh

pixelsword2956d ago

I'm not a great predictor by far, but I can't see what exactly he knows so much about the games industry that people pay so much attention to him.

As a matter of fact, I'm taking offers for his job right now. I can be wrong as much as he is for half the price.

I'll throw in stock predictions for free.


Some people feel like been stabbed in the back by Rockstar because is not coming for the Xbox.

sixaxis2956d ago

this is so old. already were explained on gamespot


Where are these people ? I have not really read any comments from 360 owners expressing such feeling.

Cevapi882956d ago

its funny how this guy only bashes devs who publish their games on the PS3...hmm no mention of 3rd party devs that are exclusive to the 360...i dont understand his allows their devs the freedom and creativity to run with their ideas....LBP, Modnation along with being amazed by every new powerhouse that has come out in recent years...KZ2, then UC2, then GoW 3, next GT5, The Last Guardian and now Agent as really excited to see if this game will do what GTA 3 did on the PS2, no other game did what GTA 3 did at the time, an open world game giving you the freedom to do what you pleased...i am psyched to see what they come up with...i bet that Sony will showcase this at E3 probably near the end like they did with KZ2 in one of their previous conferences in which everyone was blown away

jack_burt0n2956d ago

he is bias, he doesn't try to hide it.

MazzingerZ2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

"LittleBigPlanet guys, Media Molecule, I feel the same way. What were they thinking selling to Sony? They must be Liberal Democrats!”

This is exactly what this gen has turned into, he doesn't understand that MM is after creating unique gaming experiences and to achieve that when you are that small, you need the support of the big one, not an exclusive deal but 100% support.

Patcher just reflects what MSFT introduced in VG this gen (sales figures, attach rate, etc) and that's why he support MSFT, MSFT's way to lead its business created his job and spotlights on him which is sick

Denethor_II2956d ago

I agree Patcher is merely think of it from a business side of view rather than the actual quality of the software.

sikbeta2956d ago

Idk Why, but I hope it'll be Great, well, they know best...

Commander TK2956d ago

GTA4 was gonna be PS3 exclusive. I know that it was gonna be timed-exclusive, but a true exclusive? Where do people get these things?

xTruthx2956d ago

It seems like patcher doesn't want the ps3 to have 3rd party exclusives lol, y would he tell a company so many times to go multiplatform. Its not like he works there and shares a profit.

Buttons2956d ago

Honestly anything Pachter says still isn't official so take it with a grain of salt.

mastiffchild2956d ago

I think this is pretty much bang on but makes no mention of the fact the GTA4 negotiatins resulted in a THREE game exclusive deal with R* and Sony. After all losing GTA as an exclusive is one thing but how would R* assure Sony anything else was guaranteed as big a success rate?

In short they can't say that and we'll have to see whether the three games relate to three new IP, Agent and two others, Agent and a combination of other older IP and new IP or three games in the Agent series.

Right now it isn't clear but many times it;'s been confirmed there's a deal for three games so we'll have to watch and wait til it sorts itself out.

Maybe the deal suits both Sony AND R* giving the developer a chance to try out ideas without having to worry about the limitations of DVD and optimising, achieving parity across three platforms? By the time another Agent may be due(if it's the success we all hope) MS will be free of their promise to Arcade owners and prolly have a new console without the DVD9 limitation. It's my opinion, then, that this deal is open to dynamics and renegotiating to the benefit of both parties and should R*want to take a next gen Agent sequel multiplat for extra profit Sony may be happy to go along with it with the promise of two different R* ideas for the future, no? Seems a fair way to recompense Sony for allowing R* out of GTA exclusivity anyway.

Anyway, the point is this deal is an exception rather than the rule but at least we can see why it's come about and understand the dealings. Sure, we don't know the detail but it seems a fair enough trade off and if it allows R* to hone a new IP without the added pressure of three platforms and with the support of Sony and the capacity of BR(something R* have also mentioned as driving Agent forward)it stands to benefit gamers, no matter what their preference, in the future. Gievn the recent quality of big PS3 exclusives it may also be a great way for R* to concentrate efforts and make a great base for a new franchise-the same would be true(without the BR factor obviously) if R* were in a similar position on PC or 360 too, I guess.

MrMiyagi2956d ago

It seem kinda odd that Peter Moore had a GTA4 painted tattoo on his arm at E3. when everybody saw what he had the fanboys cheered like mad.

I remember thinking didn't San Andreas released on a Xbox console...

Maybe they knew something that us viewers didn't.

MGRogue20172956d ago

... Because the PS3 is superior? :)

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SKCShifty2956d ago ShowReplies(4)
stonecold12956d ago

wait for agent at least its not going to get held back by another system and taking advantage of the ps3 which will be good for all of us ps3 fans and im looking forward to it 1080p high def 60fps only on ps3

raztad2956d ago

You are hoping way too much. I would say 720p, 2xAA, v-synced 30fps. We may get as a bonus 4xAA (MLAA) if Santa Monica tech is used.

Hotel_Moscow2956d ago

but its going to be upscaled to 1080p

MNicholas2956d ago

is actually far better than 4xMSAA.

Digital Foundry said it was more like 16xAA.

Therefore, if MLAA is used, Agent will probably be 720P/30fps/16xAA.

If MLAA is not used, then there's no reason to expect anything less than 4xMSAA.

Since GT5 can easily do 720P/60fps/4xMSAA with 16 200,000+ polygon cars (lots of vertices to smooth out, basically) then there's no reason that the Agent, at 30fps should have anything less than 4xMSAA.

raztad2956d ago


I agree with God of War III MLAA being better than 4xMSAA, not sure about the 16xMSAA though.

If you read this: .


Never is said GoW3 MLAA being as good as 16xAA, not to mention the implementation itself depends on how much effort is put into it. As R* North is not Sony Santa Monica I much prefer to have my expectations low.

BTW, DF knows nothing. They made an article about The Sabuteur and its MLAA implementation, just to be corrected later by a SSM guy making clear The Saboteur was not using MLAA.

"Firstly, the definition of MLAA isn't in keeping with the basic outline of the technique as it has been described by some Pandemic staff, and it is almost certainly an extension of the edge-filter plus blur technique seen in several cross-platform titles already

MexicanAppleThief2956d ago

And Rockstar North making it, got alot of faith in these guys. I know they'll make something big.

MexicanAppleThief2956d ago

And it pretty much confirms that it'll only hit PS3.

comp_ali2956d ago

It is hard to go platform exclusive by 3rd parties nowadays and snub the other platforms.

GAM3R7l2956d ago

Really? Tell me....what game did R* develop EXCLUSIVELY for the 360? Go ahead...I'm waiting....

Sevir042956d ago

And it appeared only on the 360.

GAM3R7l2956d ago

Oh really? You mean THIS GAME... ???

NO. In the future, don't bother trying to answer a question directed at SOMEBODY ELSE, unless you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. FACT: Rockstar has NEVER made a game exclusively for a MS platform.


Commander TK2956d ago

No, Table Tennis is also on the Wii...

AK462956d ago

@ GAM3671 WTH are u talking about? Did I mention any R* exclusively for the 360? No! I'm saying that M$ paid R* for GTA not to be exclusive to the PS3. Now that we have Agent as being exclusive to the PS3, so that's where the trade off is, eye for an eye. Do you get what I"m saying in that so called brain of yours.

@compi Valve has no problem snubbing out the PS3

JD_Shadow2956d ago

"Valve has no problem snubbing out the PS3."

They're having some major problems now from the press about Portal 2 concerning that. A lot of them want them to bring it to the PS3. I don't think they can snub them any longer without a DAMN good reason, either.

Pandamobile2956d ago

Valve doesn't have to develop for the PS3 if they don't want to.

Portal 2 will ship for PC, Mac and 360 (and likely Linux) in November(ish).

If you want Portal 2 so badly, there's 4 other platforms that you can pick it up on.

AK462956d ago

@ Pandamobile

Where does it say i want portal 2. For your opinion I could care less about it. You think that everything that Xbox 360 has, I want on my PS3. Like you said If i want to play a certain game that s not on the PS3, then maybe I will buy a 360 or play it on my PC. So stop making shhit up.

aaronisbla2956d ago

here's the thing. Hate sony all you want, but when they announce a game as exclusive to their systems, they actually mean what they say.

"Bu,Bu,But what about FF14?" well when jack announced that game, he said it would be exclusive to that home console machine for this year. Didn't say it was totally exclusive.


Are you talking about games actually published by Sony or games from third parties being exclusive...

Bu,Bu, But what about FF13, Teken, virtual fighter, AC ( yes, anyone remember when that was said to be exclusive ).

If it's published by Sony, ya I totally agree.. but if your talking about 3rd parties, surely by now you must have learned from what has happened this gen - and yes, the same goes for games announced for the 360 as well.

kaos_fish II2955d ago

So, I can assume that 'Mass Effect 1 & 2' will on the PS3 real soon then going by your comment

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