Gamesradar: 8 game characters we'd go "furry" for

Gamesradar: "We know how you feel. You're confused, ashamed, even frightened. You don't understand these strange and unsettling feelings that brew inside you. You cannot ignore it, but you cannot embrace it. Do not fear, though, for you are not alone. We're all friends here, and we're going to get you through this. Because we've all stumbled upon a smoking hot videogame animal at some point in our lives.

You may think there's something wrong with you for tenting your trousers over anthropomorphic woodland creatures, but don't. It happens to everybody, whether they admit it or not. Who can blame us, either? Some videogames characters are just worth going furry for, and if you don't believe it, check out these incredibly foxy ladies ... with emphasis on the foxy."

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LeonSKennedy4Life2955d ago

Fran. She's the hottest Final Fantasy chick in general.