PSBeyond Review - Peggle

Chris Dow writes:

"Peggle has inspired more conversations amongst friends than any other triple A title in the last 12 months. A phone vibrates and informs of challenge progress, a scoring tip or a damning report of just how rubbish Claude the bleeding lobster really is. PopCap have melded the casual and the hardcore with such startling precision that it seems almost silly for other developers to continue to bother."

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mrv3212838d ago

This is one of the worst games ever made. Sure it's fun and brilliant but it's worse than Crack, there's Peggle Anonymous meetings in my city, 100's of people are seeking the support.

triumphofhearts2838d ago

It truly is the most colourful time sink.

spann2838d ago

I've managed to stay away from it on the whole, bar being subjected to it on a bus trip once.

I missed my stop, as I remember.

bart9992838d ago

Peggle is a way of life.