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Rainstorm812957d ago

Piracy killed the PC's profitablity long ago thats why PC's best ends up on console.

Hello COD, Battlefield, Crysis 2,Sims 3......if there was a model for MMOs on console WoW would be there too.

sid4gamerfreak2957d ago

not true at all

In 2008 well over 120 million discrete video cards sold thru last year. By comparison there were about ~45 million total consoles sold (Includes: PS2/3, 360, Wii) in that same period

Look at the game sales for the pc:

The Sims (16 million shipped)
The Sims 2 (13 million)
The Sims 2: Pets [expansion pack] (5.6 million)
The Sims 2: Seasons [expansion pack] (1 million)
World of Warcraft (11.5 million subscribers)
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade [expansion pack] (3.5 million)
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King [expansion pack] (4 million)
StarCraft (11 million)
Half-Life (9.3 million)
Half-Life: Opposing Force [expansion pack] (1.1 million)
Half-Life 2 (6.5 million, does not include steam sales)
Guild Wars (6 million in North America, Europe, and Asia; includes Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North)
Myst (6 million)
Doom (5 million)
Counter-Strike (4.2 million)

And those are not even digital sales...most pc gamers buy digital..imagine how many sales that means...

How can you not make money on that? Ok, want more? Well since u insist:

15 million steam accounts!!!!
Steam sales up 158% last quarter...

Yea, theres no money on the pc, is there? /s

Doc Sony2957d ago

It cracks me up when PC fanboys sitting behind their desktops are trying to prove their point to the fukking CEO of EPIC games like he's some kind of ignoramus.

"No No No Mr. Epic President, you are wrong about your own company, you don't have all the facts but I do"


psycho3602957d ago

"120 million discrete video cards "

That's good news but how many of these were sub 50$? I think 80% of these were less than capable of playing any decent game. So we're left with 24million which is again not all high end. maybe 5~8 percent were high end cards. How many of the above listed games are fps on the pc? Devs like DICE, IW, Valve are handful of studios making anythign decent for PC, as these are also big on consoles so they can recoup their costs for PC.

If you are new dev or with smaller budget what platform will you choose?

White-Sharingan2957d ago

"As for the breakdown of those figures, in the US $15 billion was spent on console games in 2009, $4 billion on PC games"

Although PC gaming is not dead, its pretty obvious Console gaming is where its at.

Bolts2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

He doesn't need all the facts. Just WoW and Steam.

The fact is if Epic has control of a franchise like Starcraft 2 and WoW, they would be down on their knees sucking the PC's cock right now. But they don't.

Instead they have Gears of War on the 360 so it's all about the console. And the reason it's all about the console is not because of piracy, it's because Gears of Wars sucks. PC pirates simply ignored crap like Gears of Wars and spent their precious bandwidth downloading games that don't suck, like Crysis and Call of Duty 4. Hence rendering Epic's point completely invalid and absurd.

toaster2957d ago

lol I guess Epic Games is butthurt that their PC port of Wears of War didn't sell them truckloads of cash like it did on the 360.

pimpmaster2957d ago

OP, those are some pretty loaded numbers. of course OLD pc games sold alot, nobodys dissagreeing there. what were saying is pc gaming is dead NOW.. not 10 years ago. and of course theres millions of vid cards sold, every pc thats not shitty with an integrated one , uses one.

Tomdc2957d ago

Right well first off: you make this ridiculous assumption that everybody who buys a video card intends to play games on there PC.

Second of all: You can't use games that are so old to justify the relevance of PC gaming today! I mean Doom and counterstrike?! Come on!

Third: If you look at this on a yearly basis instead of lifetime those numbers pale in significance to console gaming sales.

Fourth: The games you have listed undermine your very argument anyway. Your list is basically Valve, Blizzard, and Sims. This suggests that from all the developers only a few can make real money. Besides games like S are played by people who would never touch any another PC game (like me!)

Fifth: Wheres the source of all this game sales data? It's probably accurate sure, but how can we really know?

Sixth: Your an idiot.

The only things that will succeed on PC for the time being for somebody/something that isn't Blizzard, Valve or Sims is MMOs.

Sure steam is doing pretty well but really it's appeal is limited and I don't believe it will continue to do so well.

Ultimately people prefer to play games chilling on there sofa as opposed to crouched over their computer.


Deal. With. It.


Tony P2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I used to mourn the loss. But practically every genre that's "gone console" has done so at a loss of quantity and depth. The basic formula for going console: take a title and "streamline" it for the console gamer.

For example, even though I still like BioWare, they have not made a console RPG to rival BG2. They haven't even *touched* online MP since they stopped being PC exclusive. And what's the next big online title? The Old Republic. A PC exclusive.

You can guess what would have become of console strategy games with Halo Wars. Any strat fan will tell you it was easy as heck and short on campaigns. I think it only had one, which is incredibly sad. But if it had taken off, that would have let the publishers know console gamers would happily pay full price for it anyway. $60 for that when real fans pay $40-50 for something higher rated and with literally ten times the content like Empire: Total War.

I feel like I can't miss the devs who go console because the games themselves change into these... lightweight animals. I think it's happening to Crysis 2 as we speak.

champ212957d ago

Isnt it Obvious Epic will tell us this. Which was the last good game they did make?

To be honest Epic are running out of ideas. Reason why their sales died out on PC cause they kept refurbishing the same old stuff.

Frankly i cant even remember how many Unreal Tournaments they have made.

All they got now is Gears of war on the 360. What else has epic done recently asides their unreal engine?

I find it funny Epic speaks highly of consoles when both the console makers are in dire losses. If this keeps up we might not even see a next gen console anytime soon.

With sony recently announcing 850million in losses this year, overall losses on the gaming division being in access of 5billion usd.

Micro not showing any good profits.

Millah2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

sid4gamerfreak....why the hell would you post sales of games that are 5+ years old, when the entire article was based on the topic of PC gaming TODAY.

We get it, you love PC gaming, as do I, but the fact of the matter is that 2/3 of the money spent in the gaming industry is spent on console games. Partly due to the fact that developers aren't focusing on PC anymore, and partly due to piracy. I think this Epic guy is wrong to blame it all on piracy, 360 is plagued by piracy as well.

Developers are focusing more on console this gen because the hardware is more in line with nowadays with PC hardware than in the past and games can look just as good on consoles, and in the case of PS3 some games can look even better than PC games. Sure, they don't have crazy resolutions or 85X AA, but the fact is that when a developer creates a game for a console, 100% of those consoles will be able to run that title.

The average consumer can spend 199 on an Xbox 360 that he knows will play every single 360 title thats ever made smoothly as it was intended, or he can spend 3x that amount on building a gaming PC that might not run everything in a few years, and won't be getting all the games that hit the consoles. On the PC, to push the graphical boundaries, the developer is taking a big risk that the majority of users will not be able to run the game. So the consoles overall just provide a more seamless and wrapped up user experience for the mainstream gamers, which is the target developers try to reach in order to make money.

It eventually all becomes about money when an industry reaches the level that the gaming industry has reached.

Rainstorm812957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

cant blame epic what dev doesnt rehash the same stuff on PC?

I mean PC gamers are still hoping for Half Life Episode 3 & not Half Life 3. I mean just look at sid's list 4 sims, 3 WoW, 3 Half Life.

Epic wasnt doing too bad on PC with Unreal Tournament.

My issue with PC is they get maybe 5-10 great franchises every 15-20 years, i mean sid had to resurrect Doom from the ashes.

sid4gamerfreak2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

@DOC Sony:
you see that, that CEO right there knows more than this epic ceo so stfu, its not like i know more than ceos, another ceo has just proved my point. So you just got pwned...

@Tomdc : "Right well first off: you make this ridiculous assumption that everybody who buys a video card intends to play games on there PC"

Well, u dumbass, do u know what discrete cards are? Oh no wait, I should ask you do you even know what a computer is?

"Second of all: You can't use games that are so old to justify the relevance of PC gaming today! I mean Doom and counterstrike?! Come on! "

Firstly, to all those slow console fanboys, I was saying how the PC gaming industry is making money with all those sales GENERALLY, not recently.
Fine, let me show you recent sales to all the clowns who responded with the same bs.

"RPS discovered that, of the 2,000 keyboard warriors interrogated, 93% have digitally purchased at least one PC game in the past 12 months, 71% bought more than four games digitally, and, through some flashy mathematics, that 47% of all PC purchases in 2008 were digital."

There you go clowns. Oh wait, you want more? Ok,

PC gaming software revenue at $13.1 billion worldwide for 2009, which is up from 2008's $11 billion.

But you STILL want recent sales? Ok:

"Third: If you look at this on a yearly basis instead of lifetime those numbers pale in significance to console gaming sales. "

You know what, I won't even respond to that epic fail comment

"Fourth: The games you have listed undermine your very argument anyway. Your list is basically Valve, Blizzard, and Sims. This suggests that from all the developers only a few can make real money. Besides games like S are played by people who would never touch any another PC game (like me!) "

Those r popular games, I bet console games have also 2-3 popular devs. No, this suggests that GOOD games with GOOD devs makes money.

"Fifth: Wheres the source of all this game sales data? It's probably accurate sure, but how can we really know? "

Its from the npd, it cant get more accurate. On that note, where is your argument facts? I dont see you listing ONE website? FAIL

"Sixth: Your an idiot."

That comes from a console fanboy? 'nuff said

"Sure steam is doing pretty well but really it's appeal is limited and I don't believe it will continue to do so well. "

Limited? Are you nuts? 158% up, its gone to another platform, it has 15 million and counting accounts. Wow, u sir need to READ

"Ultimately people prefer to play games chilling on there sofa as opposed to crouched over their computer. "

How do you know, i can hook up my gaming rig to an hdtv and chill sitting on the sofa. SO again, like all of your points, this one isnt even valid.


Deal. With. It. "

There's only one thing I can say about that: LOL

8thnightvolley2957d ago

Pc gaming is surely not dead, but companies moving to the console market is there coz of the piracy which is very strong on the pc front and its almost simply hard to protect against, but one is is certain pc gaming is never going to die completely coz there will always be support...i just feel sad for the died hard pc fans than will not get to test their rigs on a constant reg coz their games are moving to console..

Indy-Pendent2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

you get a list together of games put out on both the pc and consoles in the past year and see what numbers you get. Most the games in your list are pretty old. I'm sure consoles would come out on top. It may not be dead but it is fading away.

wicko2956d ago

Well if we're going to quote kotaku then you have to realize that the 15 million for consoles is for all 3 consoles: Wii, PS3, 360. which if we divide evenly is 5 million each. And there is 2 million in subscription fees for MMOs (seriously wtf) so PC is roughly on par with consoles.

The piracy stuff is bullshit as usual. There is a considerable amount of piracy on 360 yet Epic is fine with making exclusives for that. It's probably all the money they get from MS though. I'm sure MS would rather they make games exclusive to 360 rather than publishing something on PC.

HolyOrangeCows2956d ago

Way to post a bunch of old games, Pc fanboy.

White-Sharingan2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

@sid4gamerfreak: "PC gaming software revenue at $13.1 billion worldwide for 2009, which is up from 2008's $11 billion. "

-so basically US+UK sales on consoles have beaten worldwide sales of PC? your not helping yourself there. Console sales were at 15 billion last year in the US and UK only. Which doesnt include Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, the other americas, etc

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Ninja-Sama2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

A little something called Steam and and a certain company by the name of Blizzard makes this guy sound like a fool. Keep your crappy Gears of war, I'll be playing StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 instead, and raking in all the great deals offered every week on Steam, which you can not get on consoles.

Venatus-Deus2957d ago

15-20 year old kid calls the self made successful mutli millionaire president of EPIC games a fool.

Thats N4G, right there.

*double facepalm*

Ninja-Sama2957d ago

So I am not allowed to be critical of a statement of an individual that I deem to be utterly foolish because he is the president of Epic games? So that makes what these guys say infallible and written in stone?

Are you new here, because we've been making fun of a guy by the name of Bobby Kotick for awhile now, and last I heard Activision>Epic financially. But going by your logic, Kotick is above and beyond criticism.

And I'm 25.

Venatus-Deus2957d ago

I didn’t say you couldn’t be critical.

I was merely poking fun out the fact you were being critical.

Let’s be honest... his opinion counts more than yours. Nothing you write will ever change that. If he says something then the chances are it’s not foolish and there’s a greatly chance that your wrong. Fact.

You act as if Epic is a small games company that doesn’t support the industry’s most successful game engine and isn’t a billon pound company.

Anyway, you continue to think your right and I’ll continue to be amused.

vhero2957d ago

He switched to consoles because of piracy??? But 360 has Piracy unlike PS3 so really Capps is talking out of his a** here.

mittwaffen2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Not really; your getting a knock off of Crysis. The console version is a joke compared to what we had years ago; atleast visually is a ridiculously huge difference.. Look at the comparison video.

Cod is gimped you cant get shit for mods anymore even on the PC; the consoles gimiped another game; no dedicated server/mods = POS.

Battlefield is shit on consoles;tiny level crap. BattleField 2 was the last 'real' battlefield. Now they have a linear levels nothing extremely vast from what I was use to with BF2 and the mods.

I'll say this the franchises do end up coming to consoles; and in most cases in alot lesser form which in turn brings the quality of games down; atleast for the people that play the last few true PC games and not Console ports.

sikbeta2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Hey Guys, how about LIVING IN PEACE, I mean, Consoles + PC = [Awesome Enjoyment] and NO need to Start a WAR here,

I have more than Enough with the typical "my console is better than yourz", so lets Forget about this...

Gaming FTW!!!

JokesOnYou2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Most of those games are pretty old, were talking about the last few years. Just look at any big name 360/pc game sales, like recently ME2, I think EA recently announced like 1.7mil sold a few days ago, if you add the NPD totals for the 360, plus it was at the top of Chart-track for a couple weeks in the UK, it sold roughly about 1.6 or more mil on the 360 at least which leaves only about 100k and thats being generous on the pc, thats a huge difference in sales and its been that way this entire gen in favor of consoles. WoW is PC's last major franchise and really MMO's are very attractive to the majority of console owners, which is why there a very few serious attempts to bring a quality MMO to consoles.


Double Toasted2956d ago

“So, maybe Facebook will save PC gaming,” he concludes, “but it’s not going to look like Gears of War.”


IdleLeeSiuLung2956d ago

Well, what is interesting is that if the console market didn't exist, then Epic would be making games for the PC and not whine about it. I'm primarily a console gamer, but let's be frank here. Epic changed their business model a large part because it was more profitable to stay in the console market rather than the PC market hurt them!

Piracy definitely has it's effect, but nothing like what Capps is talking about. There are plenty of PC games that thrive, just most of them aren't the kind Epic likes to make.

DeathMetal2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

all pale in comparison cause they would be sub HD crap just like the consoles

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2late2957d ago

When the last time they did a good pc game? Valve sure as hell can make profit from the PCs. BFBC2 proved that the pc version of a game can outsell the consoles. Maybe they would have seen better sales if they weren't treating the pc like ass (despite the fact that it's the platform that helped them get off the ground - so much for gratitude)

ipe2957d ago

bc2 sold more on pc?
last time i checked it was over 4 millions between ps3+360.
I highly doubt it sold more on pc.

and look at that comment about metro.epic fail

coolcut1352957d ago

i think i got brain damage reading that comment

2late2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

you clearly haven't seen metro maxed out

besides, the questionb remains. WHen is the last time they made a good pc game?

UT3? A shadow of its former self. GoW1? A buggy port. When then?

siliticx2957d ago

84% of the first week sales were on PC. The crappyness that was MW2's crappy pc version pushed real gamers to buy it.

ipe2957d ago

ive just checked first week sales from ea reports and it goes
360 version 800k
ps3 version 500k
pc version 400k

comp_ali2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

see how many people online on each system (PC,360, PS3) and stop behaving like a fanboy.

GamerPS3602957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

more likely they can feed any type of games to consolers. PC are into quality or social titles.

White-Sharingan2957d ago

so your saying its much easier to be successful making games than consoles? better for the industry? huh

PirateThom2957d ago

Except, that's not true either.

PC's best selling titles are The Sims. Neither quality or social titles,

mittwaffen2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

fighting over sales?

Sales dont mean shit; the best games i've ever played haven't been the biggest selling games.

The best selling game means shit all. Look at WOW, look at MW2.
Best selling games; but far far from the best games i've played.

Of course PC sales will be lower, not everyone has a crazy gaming PC and if they dont usually because they arnt sure how it'll run dont even buy it.

Lawl; this article is flawed.

kanetheking2956d ago

yet the best game u played did not sell that much is there sequel i bet not so why is there not a sequel cos they did not make a profit company's don't make game or music or films cos they love you they make them for money.u get the game they get the money more ppl buy the game there will be more games so sale do matter or there will be no gameimg.

Shendow2957d ago

Why make PC games on something that is a pain to make for? I mean most people are using Windows XP but Microsoft wants everyone to use Windows 7 or at least Vista.

So it is hard to make a PC game work with them an not be ungodly to the point were everyone has to have a hardcore gaming computer, I got Mass Effect 2 for my PC an it has all the specs. But problem is that my Video card isn't the right one for it.

Where if you just buy a 360 or PS3, you can play anything for that system an not have to buy alot of parts just to play one game and gaming systems are getting pretty close to being PC's.

Chris_TC2957d ago

According to Steam's April survey, the gaming community uses these operating systems:
~38% Windows XP
~37% Windows 7 (has been gaining quickly, will overtake XP in May)
~23% Windows Vista

mittwaffen2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Clearly you have never been a PC gamer, and dont know jack shit. Games are made on computers for shit sake.

"I dont have the right video card for it" because you most likely have a POS on-board video and think you can run a game. Or you never bothered to upgrade/get a decent card in the past 4 years. My friends 500 dollar shit laptop runs ME2.

Running a game on XP or vista/w7 is pretty simple actually and isnt a barrier how your wording it, if you had more knowledge of computers you'd know this.

Retard buying Bestbuy premade computer and thinking it'll run games FTW.^^^ lol