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Video games and sequels have a strange relationship. With nearly every other medium such as movies and books, the sequel has a less than 50% chance of being even as good as the original. But with video games, it seems the percentage is much higher. I think it’s because developers tend to listen to fans about what they did and didn’t like, while adding new features that are tested with lots of people to make sure it all “feels” right.

So this is a list of games that really hit the sweet spot and bested the game before it in nearly every way. So without further ado, I present the Top 10 Best Game Sequels list

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Madusha2985d ago

Well constructed list, can't argue with it. In my opinion Jack 2 should also be on that list.

TheJinJohn2985d ago

thanks! and about jak 2, i know lol. so many great sequels so little list room

Tomdc2985d ago

It's a fine balance when making a sequel, you wanna innovate so the game doesn't stagnate for people yet at the same time you don't want to alienate the people that bought the first game. In my opinion Resistance 2 tried to be too like COD and made it a good game still but no way near as great as the first. I liked having a shooter where i didn't have to look down the bloomin' sights but then they made you do so in the sequel :(