Humans and Neanderthals had sex, Now make a video game about it

Trueslant: "For those unfamiliar with Auel’s novels, she writes about an orphaned girl named Ayla who is raised by Neanderthals. Once Ayla hits puberty, she leaves the Neanderthals to find her people, but not before giving birth to a baby of “mixed spirits”. The series is filled with love, action, death, and has tons of description and really really hot sex scenes (as in, the kind that make you all hot and flustered, so don’t read those parts in public).

I have long waited for a video game based on Ayla and the Earth’s Children series (or movies will do; starting after the 1986 flick “Clan of the Cave Bear” ). I imagine some sort of RPG with a firm storyline where I get skill points for learning to hunt and fight, collecting medicinal plants and treating injuries, engaging in shamanic rituals, and domesticating a range of animals, including horses and wolves."

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Parapraxis2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

My sister was named after the main character in this book. =D

There is a lot of evidence that Neanderthals and Humans mingled, but genetics on this and say that it was very VERY rare.

It's likely that we (humans) didn't mix well with them and wiped them out.