Valve to Take Over All Computer Gaming Distribution

Valve is beginning to place themselves in the position of effectively becoming the distributor of choice for all gamers on all platforms with the exception of consoles. Meaning, Valve will through steam control the content delivery for users using Mac and PC as well as Linux.

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Pandamobile2957d ago

No one better suited for the job than Valve.

For one medium sized company, they hold a gigantic chunk of overall gmae distribution pie.

shayol33t2957d ago

And in my opinion, they do a rather fine job of it.

captain-obvious2957d ago

"gigantic chunk of overall gmae distribution pie"

gigantic chunk of a pie
sems about right for gabe


i think valve have already done that

BrutallyBlunt2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

From what I hear from PC gamers they love what Valve has done. I just hope they don't get too much control where the prices then start to jack up because they start having deals with publishers and then what we are seeing on consoles starts to happen with PC games. Things like DLC being over-charged or content used as a bargaining tool to get us to pre-order with Valve and stuff like that. Money has a funny way of changing people and influence of how things are distributed.

I myself am thinking of getting into PC gaming. I'm growing tiresome of all the nickel and diming we are seeing now. Fees to play online, fees added to used games, fees to access the content that was there for pre-orders, fees for DLC that should have been included in the game.

I do however like some of the ideas Jason Rubin (used to work for Naughty Dog) has about charging consumers less upfront in this Bonus Round session:

However at the end of the day what needs to happen is what's best for the industry, not just what benefits the consumer.

Slinkey2957d ago

It is total worth it to get into pc gaming and valve's steam store is a great way to start! The best part about tieing your hitch to steam is the great deals valve puts on 2-3 times a week that usually brings pc game prices down by 75% or more (Tropico is only 7.50 right now) and the great holiday deals that sees most of the steam store on sale from 50-90% off!

BrutallyBlunt2957d ago

So how does it work if I buy Tropico now and in a year or two decide to get a better computer and want to play Tropico on that?

troll2957d ago


You simply download Steam on your new computer, log in with your previous account and download it again. Simple as that. No extra fees, no nothing.

Imagine you bought the dvd instead and you lost it. How would you get your game back for free? That's right, you don't, no soup for you. It's digital all the way from here on out baby!

Slinkey2957d ago

Tropico will follow you around no matter where you go or what you are playing on (as long as it meets the system reqs) you could be playing tropico at home on your current pc and then upgrade to a total new rig years later and still be able to play. Steam keeps a library of all your games that are linked to your account (think of it as like a psn or xbl account) and allows you to play them anywhere there is internet :D

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pangitkqb2956d ago

Kudos to Valve for seeing that a good, community based, multi-platform digital distribution channel was the future of computer gaming.

With almost two-dozen games in my Steam Library for PC I've already began putting available titles on my Macbook pro. In other words, my Steam PC library is slowly becoming mobile on my Mac. Freakin' awesome.

BattleAxe2956d ago

If i start to do more PC gaming, I've already decided to use Steam. In fact I just shut down my D2D account because of Steam.

ThanatosDMC2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Awesome if true, since im at $400+ spent on steam. Alien Shooter 2 is a must buy. Fun game. It's less than $5 now.

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dizzleK2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

monopoly much?

wheres HL episode 3?

Trey_4_life2957d ago

Exactly valve where is half life episode 3?

Pandamobile2957d ago

Somewhere in Bellview, Washington.

likedamaster2956d ago

Don't be surprised if Valve gives us the Megaton we've all been secretly waiting for... Half-Life 3!!!

toaster2957d ago

Good article. Valve is a behemoth in the game industry, not only with their repertoire of AAA only games but with Steam and digital distribution. If Valve were to have a single unified service across on computer platforms then they would draw in a lot of people that would otherwise not think about gaming. Linux and Mac gaming is beginning to bloom and I can see something wonderful happening if everybody from those three platforms come together to form a unified Steam.

mittwaffen2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Look at the video cards in most of the systems; very weak and not upgradeable. Apple made a HUGE mistake in reguards to this. Of course it'll grow since there wasnt really anything there to begin with, but not very much i think.

Not everyone owns a new mac, and when someone buys a mac usally keep it for many years versus upgrading to a newer model.

DutchMaster2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I agree with your assessment on the fact that people will not buy a Mac for many years, because of durability. But, to say that Mac gaming will not bloom is far out of the question. It may not bloom in terms of the newest tech, but looking from Valve's point of view that would be a key market to gain casual customers. Look at how many are on the iPhone, and iPod Touch…that is a lot of potential customers they would miss out on.

Disccordia2957d ago

Brilliant. Now all I ask is that Microsoft ditches games for windows live and gets together with Valve to add achievements to steam (that are compatible with the current live system)

cpuchess2957d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft or Sony bought the company...

Letros2957d ago

When Valve has trouble publishing games, sure.

ColdFire2957d ago

Valve are private, they can't be brought out.

cpuchess2956d ago

Most companies would sell if offered the right amount

Letros2956d ago

I still don't understand why you think this, selling your company is a bad thing and usually a last resort, you no longer have the freedom to do what you want, you have the big cheese telling you what they want you to do, rushing products, killing off originality.

Valve is probably the wealthiest independent developer, what incentive would they have to give up their independence?

cereal_killa2957d ago

Why would Sony attempt to buy a company that wont even make a game for there system?. Valve is in the same boat as Epic they may make games for Windows PC/360 but they don't need to be purchased by anyone in fact for the amount that they are worth I don't even think M$ or Sony could afford to buy them.

Pandamobile2956d ago

Haha like Microsoft or Sony could afford Valve.

They're probably the wealthiest indipendant developer in the world because they make profit off of the millions of other company's games they sell on Steam.

They're making money off Electronic Arts, off Activision, off THQ, off Ubisoft, etc.

champ212956d ago

lol valve are atleast making money. something sony cant claim in their current state.

Sonys current year loss for the gaming division is USD850 million+ overall the gaming division is in losses of 5usd billion+

Microsoft while making profits in some quarters still has a huge overall loss to recover.

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