White Knight Chronicles’ Price to Level Down

RPG fans can now travel with Leonard and friends for a new lower price.

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Acquiesc32810d ago

Was worth it when I got it new for 60 bucks so this is quite a good deal.

MightyMark4272810d ago

You really just have to be patient on this game though..

dorron2809d ago

A few days ago there was a news telling WKC 1 would be packed with WKC 2, so I guess it's better waiting and seing if it is true and buying the two game pack if so.

camehlheon2809d ago

I just hope the sequel will be more dynamic. But I'm up to ~60 hours of play so far and haven't reached half of my goals lol. Very good game (and JRPG) if you ask me.

Abriael2809d ago

Well, it really depends. you'll be able to import your character and Georama in the new game, so I guess for some it might be worth it to start leveling up and building up their stuff. After all we don't know when we're gonna get WKC2

ATLGAMER2809d ago

You will like this game....Game On

washingmachine2809d ago

why is it big news if a game gets a lower price,shouldnt think its that big for n4g story,but maybe they need something lol

dizzleK2809d ago

i didn't know about it. it's not earth shattering news but not everybody keeps tabs on current prices.

Figboy2809d ago

because i planned on picking up a copy for my wife when i buy her PS3 so we can play it together, and i wasn't keen on spending $60 again.

i REALLY miss couch co-op.

online co-op is starting to cost my family now.

i'm paying $120 so i can play games with my wife, which in turn means that i'm not buying OTHER games, which means i have to be REALLY thoughtful of my game purchases, which means that games that i'd normally by no problem (read: multi-platform games) are going to be pushed to the wayside for games that, to me, are worth more (read: exclusives that push the console).

WKC doesn't push the PS3, but it's one of the most fun MMO type games on the console, and my wife loves it, so that's already a win.

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