Assasin's Creed II for $25

Walmart has Assassin's Creed II for a low $24.54. Sale price is good for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

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ClownBelt2932d ago

Meh still expensive. $5 dollars and I MIGHT have to reconsider.

T9X692931d ago

If $25 is expensive, how do you afford new releases? AC2 was an amazing game and for $25 bucks you will get your money's worth.

Mr Exclusive2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

You are seriously spoilt. While you may think $25 is expensive, how about you look at how much Europeans, Australians and other PAL territories have to pay for their games?

You Americans have it top notch and you still complain about prices.

Gimme a break....

ClownBelt2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I pay games that are worth it for $80 dollars here in Canada. Ass creed 2 is not worth it even for $5 dollars.

Oh and I'm not American. I'm pure Asian.

@ PS360WiiRocks

Oh goodness! Someone actually got it! I was starting to lose faith in humanity too. Wheew

PS360PCROCKS2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

No offense guys but I think he was trying to say AC2 sucked, not that it's really expensive.

edit:: haha yup he confirmed it "ass creed" Oh boy...

Nicholas Cage2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

assassins creed 2 is a great game. i need to get to playing it more because im too busy with demons souls, but i give assassins creed 2 a 8.5 it really is a great game.

asdr3wsfas2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

This is what a sandbox game should be - exploration that's fun for it's own sake. I loved AC2. Strongly recommended from someone who normally hates sandbox.

Don't get me wrong though. Demon's Souls is way better.

SmokedOut2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

$5 dollars seriously WTF ?? I didnt know Kenny from Southpark was on the forums? AC2 is a great game ,you obviously havent even played it to say anything otherwise.

hiredhelp2932d ago

This game is one of the few multiformats i did enjoy. i just wish they make a proper sequel.
not make money on re relesing the game again this year with dlc added on.

by the way i got my platinum on this but please them dam feathers to collect 100 is nightmare sometimes. lol

DKell2931d ago

I wouldn't pay $5, poor excuse of a sequel

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The story is too old to be commented.