Ten Reasons Why 'Super Paper Mario' was Not the Masterpiece it Could Have Been

Associatedcontent: I never was an RPG fan to any extent until I discovered Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64. In spite of being largely simple, it was quite addictive, clever, and lots of fun. The second game, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, was even better, improving on everything that made the first game so wonderful and adding even more excellent features that make it perhaps the best Mario game for the Gamecube.

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Venox20082956d ago

that's your problem ,that you didn't like it..

Mahr2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I only read the first page because the article suffered from terrible design -- two paragraphs, time for a new page --, but that's crazy because Super Paper Mario was brilliant.

'404 Computer Hamsters not found!'

asdr3wsfas2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

"...if you refuse to accept the first Pure Heart, Merlon assumes that you do not intend to save the world, and the game ends...forcing you to watch the lengthy scene once more."

Turning down the main quest ends the game...what total horseshit?

"Inconsistent Level Design: All too over, the game feels schizophrenic, as if it cannot make up its mind whether it wants to be a platform game or an RPG."

I can imagine her other reviews. ME2/Borderlands/COD feels schizophrenic, as if it can't make up its mind whether to be a FPS or RPG.

Her brain never moved past square and circle pegs. Legos would fucking blow her mind. Also, it's not level design, it's game mechanics.

"I know that Mario games are not exactly known for being entirely logical, but how can one explain how Mario can be punished just for not switching back to 2D fast enough? There is an item that allows you to stay in 3D for as long as you wish without getting hurt..."

Self-evidently retarded and wildly inconsistent suspension of disbelief.

"Short Length: Doing everything in the game, including the side quests, can keep you busy for weeks. Completing the main adventure, on the other hand, can be done within a few short days."

Is this your first RPG?

"Underutilized Co-Stars: Over the course of the game, you can take control of not only Mario, but also Peach, Luigi, and even Bowser, each with their own special skills. Unfortunately, they are not used often enough, as control quickly switches back to Mario when his ability to switch from 2D to 3D is necessary."

Doesn't control just as quickly switch back to Peach when her floating ability is necessary?

"The features that I have mentioned could have easily been tweaked, even if it meant delaying the game for a while longer, but I guess Nintendo was itching to rush out a Mario game for the Wii for the sake of having their iconic plumber be the star of a game on the then-new console."

Miyamoto has a habit of scrapping and restarting development.
Nintendo doesn't rush out games before they're satisfied with the the design.

Shnazzyone2955d ago

Makes a few good points. The game did kindof feel rushed and unfinished and the game was too easy and too short for my taste. Yet if i ignore all that it is a totally fun and unique game. I had more then enough fun playing to make me finish and i feel it had alot of revolutionary ideas buried under it's goofy exterior.

A Masterpiece... I dunno. Good freaking game.... ABSOLUTELY!