Alan Wake VS Cute Japanese Pop Stars

What happens when the adorable members of pop groups AKB48, SKE48 and SDN48 play Microsoft's horror adventure game Alan Wake? Andriasang found out at Microsoft's "Spring Xbox 360 Festival: Experiences That Can Only Be Had on Xbox 360" event.

The results are hialrious.

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ClownBelt2837d ago

Someone on the Japanese 360 team probably pick a bad voice actor. Bad script didn't really help either.

TotalPS3Fanboy2837d ago ShowReplies(6)
Elven62837d ago

Bad script? I highly doubt you've even played the game or are willing to give it a chance.

Montrealien2837d ago

he has not idea what he is talking about, he just thinks beeing a troll on the internet is cool. Here, let me throw him a carrot, he needs to eat the poor thing.

*throws carrot at clownbelt*

there ya go little fella, oh look! he is so hungry.

*pats clownbelt on the head*

There ya go, good little troll, good little troll.

Mo0eY2837d ago

I'm sure the 50,000 360 owners cared for this commercial.

HolyOrangeCows2837d ago

Ditsy pop stars like this game.


TotalPS3Fanboy2836d ago

Calm down, IdleLeeSiuLung.

We both want the best thing from our consoles.
Ok fine. You're right.

Only, I want the best from my console. But I also want you to have the best from your console too. I want you to have a great Alan Wake game, and not some fake celebrity promotion.

That money being wasted on these celebrities would be better spent on making Alan Wake the best game ever. I want Alan Wake to be the best it can be. Don't you want Alan Wake to be the best it can be? Why would you not want Alan Wake to be the best it can be?

Anyway dude, I am pulling for you here. I don't know why you are so offended.

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dizzleK2837d ago

shadow tendril hentai coming soon.

SKCShifty2837d ago

lol they love Alan Wake.

Abriael2837d ago

Gotta love how you praise Alan Wake that took 6 years to make for 7 meager hours of gameplay, and then you troll threads related to Gran Turismo 5 criticizing how it took 5 years to make :D

Double standards anyone? :D

bobdog6262837d ago

Just look at the girls face's from beginning to end.They were afraid indeed.

IdleLeeSiuLung2837d ago

Yeah, that's what I was going to say. The girls are all laughing and are scared. Especially the one girl in white top with some kind of flowers. Her expressions seems really genuine, not fake like how many of those types of commercials tend to be.

I'm really excited for this game, only 2 more days here!!!

VforVideogames2837d ago

Do you guys think xbox 360 its goin to hit the 2 million units this year in japan?

Inside_out2836d ago

M$ should make a game about half naked school girls with up skirt gameplay...It would sell millions...

Asians hate America...plain and simple...They won't support M$ over Sony or Nintendo...To bad the US doesn't return the favor....

cereal_killa2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Funny how Japan loves the Ipod/Iphone isn't that American? Muppet....Japan hates unreliable hardware plain and simple they're not brainwashed drones like your self who will buy whatever trash M$ throws at you and not complain about it.

"xbox 360 its goin to hit the 2 million units this year in japan"

Lmao it took the 360 almost 4yrs to reach 1 million units, with the 360 selling 5000 units a week if they're lucky on a good week I dont see them reaching anything.

wwm0nkey2836d ago

You are an idiot, stop stereotyping the Japanese culture, they LOVE Americans. When I was over there all music shops where filled with Japanese kids, adults and ect buying American music. They also love all our celebrities as well. They love things that are different over there so please stop stereotyping cultures you your self have no clue about, I was treated very well when I was over there and they certainly do not hate Americans.

Abriael2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

LOL sweet ignorance. The Japanese culture absorbs american stuff like a sponge since the end of world war 2.

Japanese, expecially the young generations, LOVE america, and will adopt all from it that's worthy adopting or that doesn't have a superior local counterpart.

They simply have a superior local counterpart for HD consoles. Most Japanese games, that are built upon their cultural tastes, are now PS3 exclusives. Why would they want to spend money for a console that offers them mostly games tailored over different tastes?

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