Redbox Starts Renting Out Video Games

Alex from writes "The up and coming DVD and Blu-Ray rental company, Redbox, is starting to go a new way with their rentals." Click the jump for more information.


I couldn't find any information on Redbox's website, blog or press release about the matter, but I did manage to take picture from my local Redbox to show proof.

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Mucudadada2983d ago

2 bucks a day? I guess you could play short games in 1 day. SC: Conviction or Heavenly Sword rentable and beatable for 2 bucks. Could be worth looking at.

Nicholas Cage2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

this is brilliant! i knew it was coming someday! its cheaper than 8 bucks!

only for games your skeptical about or very short games.

MerkinMax2983d ago

Couldn't you just get like a Visa Gift Card and rent the game with it. Then never return it? You can only be charged so much on a gift card right? Just a theory, I would never do this though.

Lombax2983d ago

That is the exact thought that whent through my head after I read that tittle. Exept for that, "I would never do that" part. x]

tplarkin72983d ago

You could do that but God would be unhappy.

Lombax2983d ago

Screw your god. It's my conscience I should be worried about! Knowing that I have stolen will always be in the back of my mind. It will do nothing but cause negative situations until I do something to rebalance my karma and clean my conscience. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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ECM0NEY2983d ago

more options are always good. but gamefly is still king

Seferoth752983d ago

Not really. The thing I hated about Gamefly is it took 4-5 days to send a game in and get a new one. With Netflix it only takes 2 days to get a DVD.

For something that is "unlimted", they go out of their way to limit the amount you can rent.

asdr3wsfas2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Video games cost more so they probably have less stock for each game. It may result in more shortages but without being able to predict demand it's a necessary evil.

AKA if you buy 10,000 movies no one wants to watch for 20 dollars you're out at most 200,000. If you buy 10,000 games no one wants to play for 60 dollars you're out at most 600,000. I'm sure they have bulk discounts that offset this but the maximum loss for a gamefly videogame stock is 3x the price of movies.

Saving money on shipping and lower game stock (both of which cause delays) is an easy way to control it. So are those awesome game sales they have yearly. My blockbuster has insane prices on most games for the same reason.

feelintheflow2983d ago

I had it when I lived in California and it was great, but when I moved to Montana it took 4-6 days to get a game, so I had to dump it. I have redbox all around me so I hope this happens.

Elvfam5112983d ago

I really want to try this out. The dvd rental is excellent for me to see if the movies are worth a buy.

ReBurn2983d ago

Cheap way to try before you buy.

FanboysWillHateMe2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I take my time with these games, usually beat them in a week or two. I hate to rush to the end of a game just because I don't want to pay another $2 for an extra day. Puts pressure on the gamer to finish as soon as possible to save more money, and that's no way to approach a game.

Gamefly does something similar to this, called the G-box, I believe. If you go that route, you better beat that game quick then, because Blockbuster charges what, 8 bucks, for two weeks? So if you take longer than 5 days on this pay-per-day plan, you've already paid more than what you could have renting at Blockbuster (for a longer period of time too. Why not just pay 23 bucks for an entire month (Gamefly)? You get to pick two games out of a MUCH bigger library, and you keep them for as long as you like.

asdr3wsfas2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Blockbuster started a one game rental pass for 21 monthly. I like it if only for the fact I choose video games on a whim and my tastes may change when it's in the mail.

It's a good service to see if you want to buy a game. I just ran through FF13 and Dragon Age for this reason. Bioshock 2 comes next.

Normally it's almost 10 dollars for 5 days + any late time they don't charge for.

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