Nintendo Pleased By Wii Sales

After trailing in the console wars for more than a decade, Reggie Fils-Aime, president/COO of Nintendo of America, easily summed up his feelings as he opened Nintendo's press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), here: "I am happy. Today is a celebration."

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Bloodmask4169d ago

They are outselling all their rivals in every country. And on top of it are profiting on every hardware sale ever since launch.

texism4169d ago

hahaha pleased? Isn't that like the biggest understatement of the year?

PumPum4169d ago

Wii shuoldent even be considered to be in the console war anymore.
Its like starting a car company and saying we are rivaling mcdonalds

WilliamRLBaker4169d ago

what is a game console? it plays games....

what does the Wii do..? it plays games.....

nuff said.

PumPum4169d ago

What does wii fit do? What does Total Gym 2000 do?

johnnywit4169d ago

No your wrong.

Wii is like the Hundia of cars. It shoots for a more economic consumer.
MS and Sony are like Mercedes and BMW. If we were to compare them to cars Hundia probably outsells BMW and Mercedes. They are still competitors but shoot to different audiences in the same market.

LeonSKennedy4Life4169d ago ignorant slut! <stole it from SNL...I know...I'm a jerk.

Ohkay, the Wii was fun and all...but...people want to play games. <see that...yeah...that The word "games". I believe there's an "s" at the end of that word. Does anyone else see it?

Yeah, Wii Sports aint cuttin' it Reggie.

Admit hired the guy from "Plug 'n Play" to make a new console...and now you don't know what to do. Yay! A new Mario! Another storyline we couldn't care less about! SSBB COMES OUT THIS YEAR! Yeah, wake me up when Power Stone 3 comes out!!! Power Stone 2 STILL destroys Super Smash Bros. Melee!!!

Another Mario Kart??? How bout...Twisted Metal???

Did I seriously see Sessler fawning over that steering wheel? The SAME steering wheel that Nyko put out last year? An UNNECCESSARY steering wheel!!!??? I have a sixaxis! It does the SAME THING! AND IT'S COMFORTABLE WITHOUT HAVING TO USE A STEERING WHEEL!!! Heaven forbid you don't get screwed by your favorite console maker!

Nintendo can suck it!

johnnywit4169d ago

I know many people who enjoy the Wii. One of my friends who is 36 was having a blast with it the other day and trying to sell me own it. personally I like 360 but it goes to show you that some people want more than just FPS or Action games. I think the Wii is good and everyone here needs to realize that. It opens up new areas in the market and overall helps video games in general. What I am worried about is MS and Sony trying to rush after this family audience and forgetting about us hardcore gamers. Like instead of a new Killer instinct I get viva pinata party and Scene it. Screw that.

WIIIS14169d ago

HAHAHAHAHA! You're as sour as you look!

Babylonian4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

I just hope that they didn't start a trend. What I mean is that Sony and Microsoft seeing what Nintendo did, and thinking about doing the same. Maybe not now but the next gen it could happen. If they decide to do that, than that means that this gen is the last harcore gen.

So welldone Nintendo, but don't forget about the hardcore gamer too. I hope at least one of the big three stays loyal to the Hardcore audience.

Maybe Sony can pull it of, cater both the harcore and the casual. They did it last gen. But who knows, I can't look into the future unfortunatly. least I'll get to play MGS4 and finish the epic story of Hideo Kojima.