Motion Control Is Still in Its Infancy

Since the arrival of the Wii and the announcement of Project Natal and PlayStation Move, many long-time gamers have wanted nothing more than for motion control to disappear. In all likelihood it won’t, and Bitmob doesn’t think anyone can do anything about it.

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astar1234567892985d ago

i want motion control and i don't want it...i want because its the next big thing right, but then i now the games are going to be halfas# i know there are going to be some go ones and some bad ones lets just see want what happens

eggbert2985d ago

but I can see a place for motion controllers. I'd still much rather have a mouse/keyboard for console FPS's, but we'll see how the Move works out.

For all of you that hate motion controllers, please explain to me WHY you HATE them. I don't really care about them that much since it doesn't really effect me much. I highly doubt games are going to go fully motion control anytime soon, hell even the best games on the wii stick to the buttons (ok, there is minimal motion control involved).

You could always... not buy the motion controller? I just don't see what there is too hate if it isn't going to affect you.

Cueil2985d ago

Move isn't going to work for online gaming FPS... especially if you play for more than an hour... you'll start to slowly loose competitive advantage as you grow more and more tired

Seferoth752984d ago

Never used a motion controller for FPS games have you? I say this because what you claim would happen would in fact not happen at all. The only way to make that mistake is to have never used one.

When I play a Wii fps the controller is in my lap just like a normal controller. There is no extra work involved.

If anything the Wii controller offers more ways to be comfortable while playing. I can have the nunchuk in my left hand behond my head laying down with the wii remote in my lap. Cant do thta with a normal controller.

You really should use a product before you judge it not just go by what you see in videos

OGharryjoysticks2985d ago

90% of the games I play on it use the classic controller however =)