Do Xbox 360s Scratch Discs?

Just days after Microsoft took a more than US$1 billion earnings charge to fix hardware problems in Xbox 360 consoles, a class-action suit says that the consoles also damage game discs...

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bIadestar4165d ago

Rub it in fanboys faces time after time xD keep them coming more cons

Dlacy13g4165d ago

I dont quite get where you are going with your comment...

Either way my scratches on my end..not worried....stupid lawsuits like this are par for the course of life apparently.

specialguest4165d ago

Pay no attention to him. He's the fake Bladestar.

Dareaver14165d ago

I don't get it, we as gamers should be more mature than this. Dancing around the problems of another console is childish and stupid. So let's say sony fanboys, what happens if Microsoft bows out or even Nintendo, and all your left with is sony. You'll get the same syndrome as what EA did. That in no way is a positive for gaming. Diversity is what breeds advancement in technology and creativity. You should be happy for the competition. If not for it, Sony might not have tried so hard. We as gamers benefit when the companies compete against each other. If it wasn't for the competition, PS3's might of cost $1000 and up. Remember they wanted to sell it as some kind of Mac competition. But because of Microsoft and Nintendo, they had to rethink their approach. A lot of the fanboys from all camps need to grow up. They make this site disappointing to come to sometimes. Every article trying to bash the competition. Since when was bad news, good news. Can't we just bask in the positives of gaming, and let go these childish obsessions to validate our purchases. All this is getting pretty old.

Thanks for the ears, but i just had to vent my frustration....
Game On!

INehalemEXI4165d ago

Its supposed to be repaired again soon as i recieve the shipping box. This the second time I had to get it repaired for scratching discs.

Cupid-Stunt4165d ago

No red lights and no scratches. My HDD died on me killing all my saves including Gears of war, finished it 100%. lol. I nearly cried. I just hope MS change the Cpu to that 65nm this year. I hear its cheaper, more realiable and just alot better than the original. Sometimes the 360 can be so much fun, and then it dies (something dies?). With the new cpu, it could shut up all the 360 haters once and for all :p

360Sheep4165d ago

wait so there are other problems besides the RROD.. scratched discs, HDD problems, and here i thought the RROD was the major problem. Anyone know if the billion dollar 3 year warranty covers all problems, or just that of the RROD?

Arkham4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

The 3 year warranty only covers "RROD" situations. Everything else is still 1 year.

EDIT: Whoever disagreed hasn't read any of the MS interviews or meeting notes. What I was saying has been stated, and re-stated, several times.

dantesparda4165d ago

Arkham is absolutely correct. Yes sir!

Blankman4165d ago

scratched ma gears of war cd once but i think it only scratches cd's when upright or sumthin cus i started laying it flat and no more scratchin. But by then ma gears cd was scratched to the point where the xbox read it as a movie dvd and refused to play giving error msg please place in an xbox 360.

cityofgod4165d ago

My brother had asimilar situation with his gears of war disc. I have a ps3 he has a 360, he told me he decided to stand his console vertically then it started scratching his Gears. He didnt notice it at first but after a while so many circular scratches were there to make the disc unreadable. A shame really, Gears is a beautiful game which I would have loved to play.

PumPum4165d ago

I share exactly the same fate with my Gears =C

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