Mass Effect 2: Transcending What I Thought I Knew

Desensitized to pretty graphics, sound, gameplay, and presentation, Bitmob was most impressed with what wasn’t infront of them when they were playing Mass Effect 2. This will undoubtedly be very difficult to explain.

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HighDefinition2990d ago

I can`t wait to get it. I`m waiting until E3 to see if it`ll be on the PS3 (this is EA and I use my PS3 more) but if it`s not after E3 I`m buying it for my 360.

Can`t wait, I played it at my friends house and it seemed to be alot better than the 1st.

JonnyBadfinger2990d ago

sorry i dont think it will come to PS3... all though stranger things have happened. But 1 comes before 2, so you may get a revamped version of Mass Effect 1. or maybe a special bundle.

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thelifatree2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Mass Effect 2 is a damn good game, but it's not anything that hasn't been made before IMO, it's an extremely polished game however.

Such as bioware's own kotor :D,Kotor II, Deus Ex. Certain JRPG's over the years. Metal Gear Solid (not 4), all of these had atmosphere, and worlds, emotional attachment and some of them had interactive dialogue.

Mass Effect 2 has an good, but not great story as it's a learning about people story, not going through the plot, there's not that many missions involving that IMO, good characters but no better than in kotor... (Except for the voiced shepard which is a big plus) And as soon as you have sex with the romantic relationships the dialogue tree ends which makes it feel shallow imo. And an excellent shooter. It's an excellent game, one of the best of the year (But I'll hold back my favorite) and one of the best of the generation IMO. But, not as special as I felt this article was describing.