SCEA files trademark for Until Dawn

Scrawlx:"Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed a trademark for the name Until Dawn today. The trademarks is for “providing a real-time computer game for others that may be accessed over global and local area computer networks by network users.” "

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Blaze9292962d ago

That's a MOVE title. I may be wrong but this sounds like a PC game? Nah can't be...

Vojkan2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Since when SCEA makes games for PC?

Cartesian3D2961d ago

COMPUTER game doesnt mean PC game ..!!!

do you know the complete name of PS3 ??
Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System

its for PS3 for sure .. by the way it must be a MOVE game because the url registerd for London SCEE .. and their london studio just make move games I think

sinncross2961d ago

SOE is not affiliated with the Playsyation division beyond sharing the 'Sony' name.
They're an independent entity.

This trademark was done by SCEA - part of the playstation division. It's not a PC game: it is for the PS3 or PSP but most likely the PS3 considering the networking features of the trademark.

TOO PAWNED2962d ago

It could be some PSN service .... that can also be used on PC? Who knows.

krouse932962d ago

Where did you find these?

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Vojkan2962d ago

those screens are taken from those two MOVE trailers that show MOVE games. There was link just like that but it had gifs instead, much better. If someone knows about what i am talking about, please post.

poindat2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

This sounds like an MMO that incorporates zombies/vampires. I would totally be down for that. Imagine Left 4 Dead's human vs. zombie multiplayer gameplay, only on a much grander, open-world scale.




There is SOE, Sony Online Entertainmnet for PC games. They made Everquest and other MMORPGs games.

ABizzel12962d ago

A Vampire MMO sounds very interesting. Haven't played a good Vampire game in a long time.

It could also be adult entertainment lol.

dizzleK2962d ago

i swear that looks just like Redwood Falls

DigitalRaptor2962d ago

that game looks really cool. I saw it when they released the PS Move trailer! Looks like a survival horror of sorts so can't wait. Could it be the Move's killer app? :)

Tachyon_Nova2961d ago

You could be right. Sony America recently said that they were working on a hardcore zombie game, would be very surprised if it was not to do with that.

Tomdc2961d ago

whatever the case if they are only filing the trademark now then the game will be ages away...

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Cajun Chicken2962d ago

Wasn't that done ages ago? I'm sure I remember 'Until Dawn'...

n4gn4gn4gn4g2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

http://www.networksolutions... And it is SCEE that registered the website.

Vojkan2962d ago

Both SCEA and SCEE registered this url

n4gn4gn4gn4g2962d ago

register the same URL? I'm not talking about the name of the game but the url for the game.

lightningsax2961d ago

I'm guessing that it's part of a registration contract where a parent company issues ownership rights of the URL to more than one affiliate. Both the US and EU organizations would benefit from having that central website with a recognizable name. Shouldn't be that hard to do it, and there are professionals paid to bang out those contracts.

n4gn4gn4gn4g2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Until-Dawn: Season 1 and it is coming March 2011

It was listed at but removed...a google search on 'until-dawn:Season 1' will give you a hit but no cache.

Iamback2962d ago

WTH?! Maybe its not game but service

saint_john_paul_ii2962d ago

no, its probably a game, an episodic game.

N4GAddict2962d ago

Could it be something similar to folding at home?

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