7 reasons why Prince of Persia won’t give you ocular cancer

EX: Disney's upcoming Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie might not be taking home any awards when it's released in theaters on May 28th, but at the very least it won't infect your eyeballs with cancer. Here are seven reasons why.

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MxShade3012d ago

Definitely I'm a movie I'm looking forward to.

tehk1w13012d ago

It might not give your eyeballs cancer...but I definitely don't think it'll be any good.

poopnscoop3012d ago

Wish they'd stop screwing around with garbage like this and just make a Halo movie. Seriously. Who really wants to see any movies from Sony games like God of War, Infamous, Killzone (or whatever crap Hollywood is planning next) and just make a game based on the KING of all FPS'?

Seriously, Hollywood. Get with the program.

Doc Sony3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Yeah cause we wanna look at an emotionless, faceless spacerobot for the better part of 2+ hours.

No thanks

I'll take a God Of War movie over that shit any day.

Urmomlol3012d ago

I actually saw a preview screening not too long ago and it was surprisingly decent. It wasn't good by any means, but it wasn't awful either.

reddevilyi3012d ago

Hey, I liked Bad Boys 2. It was stupid, but it was fun.

tehk1w13012d ago

More importantly, it gave us one of the best memes in Internet history.


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