SFX-360: Dead to Rights: Retribution Review

SFX-360 writes: "In 2002 the game Dead to Rights made its debut on Xbox and PS2. While it didn't get rave reviews, I can't deny that I didn't enjoy the game because I did. Playing as Jack Slate and going into crazy diving slow motion kills was awesome; but it got old quick. Now add the fact you had a trusty companion helping you uphold the law, it added a good one-two punch that entertained me for a few days. It's now 2010 and Dead to Rights Retribution makes its next gen debut. Can Dead to Rights Retribution succeed as a rebirth of the franchise or will it fall flat on its face? I will sit here right now and tell you that it will not succeed, but hey, you get to do something that wasn't in the original; play as the dog Shadow."

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