Spawn Kill Review: Alan Wake

Stephanie "Tigresa" Palermo of Spawn Kill writes: Alan Wake most certainly places its narrative on the table as the focal point of this thriller (read: not horror, stop calling it that!) experience, but the whole package itself is just so soundly put together from the environments, to the solid voice work, to the angry farm combines. The minor deterrents that took away from my experience might be variable bits of mileage, i.e. many cliche story points from previously experiencing a couple of Stephen King works, so read on to find out if this Xbox 360 exclusive is worth your dime.

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K-Tuck2804d ago

Cliches are best left for RPGs.

Snarkasaur2804d ago

I hear Snape kills Dumbledore in the end, but for noble reasons. :(

rrquinta2803d ago

I kinda wish this wasn't a 360 exclusive :(.