Nzherald Review: Halo: Reach online beta

Nzherald: It's already one of the biggest hits of the year, and it hasn't even been finished yet.

Since the public launch of the Halo: Reach online beta on May 4, fans have logged on in heavy numbers - over a million on the first day alone - to road test Bungie's final Halo effort as the developers look for ways to improve upon its multiplayer modes.

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SKCShifty2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Man i heard some stuff about reach which is mindblowing the Final game when finished is gonna blow man Day 1 baby, i mean like the graphics and the story is gonna be awesome its a G.O.T.Y 2010 no lies i've heard man. i got no need to lie. I can't wait lol.

Cevapi882863d ago

well written...the article actually brings up what needs to be fixed to make the game great...the reason betas exist in the first place...good read

ASSASSYN 36o2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

FTA: "Grenades must be at the top of the repair list, since they have an excessively broad blast radius and are far deadlier than in any previous version of Halo."

It's a grenade! Halo and Halo 2 had excellent grenades then Halo 3 comes along and they suddenly sucked. Now reach beta is here people are whining because it actually kills people like they are meant too. Nerf the entire game while your at it Bungie if the babies get their way!

FTA: "Shields are stronger but can be drained completely with one melee attack, meaning the effectiveness of trusted methods like the assault rifle and melee attack combo are now less effective than simply punching an opponent twice."

You have shields and a health bar. Two things to wear down not just shields. It takes multiple weapon (Minus power weapons) hits to get the shield down. The new combo is engage with weapon and melee twice for a kill. It takes work to get your kills now.

FTA: "Likewise for the new needle rifle, the true effectiveness of which I'm yet to work out. Needless to say it's one to avoid at this point since a player can take you out before you've pumped them full of enough explosive needles to cause a fatal detonation."

WTF!? That is one of my favorite new weapons. Works fine for me. I prefer it over the DMR.

What needs to be addressed is the fact that a Wraith tank takes one single shot to kill from a Scorpion tank. And the rockets are stupid slow once fired. Overall the game is great. I love the fact you can block a sword attack with a melee. And the shotgun can kill at a slightly farther range. People need to let Halo 3 go to adapt to the new style of Reach.