Itchy Thumbs: UK Supermarket to Boycott Red Dead Redemption?

Itchy Thumbs has learned that a major UK supermarket chain is set to boycott the release of Rockstar’s highly anticipated western shooter, Red Dead Redemption this Friday.

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George Sears2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

You just know that it's a Rockstar game when you start reading boycott articles.

MexicanAppleThief2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

haha, so true. I personaly hoping for another price war between the supermarket giants.

Edit @poindat: Hmm, I guessing you're not from Britain? Every so often, supermarket giants have a price war on specific games depending on popularity. E.g when FIFA 10 and MW2 was released, thanks to the price war between the giants, you could pick up the game as cheap as £26 and bear in mind this would be where the game was just launched for the full retail price of £40.

I'm not exactly sure why they do this, (maybe to make gamers aware that they sell games too and its the easiest way to get attention) but at the end of the day you get awesome games which are incredibly cheap on launch day.

Hope that cleared up any confusion.

poindat2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

You are correct, I am not from Britain, and I was not aware of these price wars. Definitely sounds nice though, I would be amazed to pick up a newly released game for that nice "discount"!

Well that certainly changes my point about pricing consistency, but I still don't really see how a price war that may have gotten out of hand could lead to a retailer (a major one at that) completely boycotting the game. Failing to stock this game, pricing dispute or no pricing dispute, is going to cost that retailer a lot of potential sales.

poindat2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Yeah, but with games such as GTA and Manhunt, retailers do have a sort of moral base for boycotting. Murdering innocents and participating in gruesome executions do not exactly promote the family-friendly image that some retailers are attempting to push.

However... I see nothing with Red Dead Redemption. Yes, there is violence and sex, but this is the wild west we're talking about. Deluding such elements would be taking away from the accuracy (and relevance) of the game. The violence present is inherent in the western genre, so it does serve purpose other than to satisfy the bloodlust of the player. So there's not really any excuse for retailers to pull the same sort of excuses as they did with Manhunt. Anyways, let's be honest, this retailer most likely stocks plenty of other games that are far more violent than RDR.

As for a pricing dispute, I'm not sure that I really understand how that is possible. RDR's pricing is going to be consistent with pretty much every other game released this generation, both in terms of what the retailer must pay and the markup for the consumer. I don't see how pricing could possible be an issue here.

Does anybody have any possible takes on reasons, because I honestly cannot think of any.

ShOtCall3r332932d ago

finally someone did it, now i have a reason to get it

villevalorox2932d ago

I agree lol, now that we know it's making people boycott It has to have that special R* touch to it. :P

Sheikh Yerbouti2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Now we just need an "endorsement" from Jack Thompson.

ReBurn2932d ago

Not every game is appropriate for every outlet. Red Dead Redemption is not a family game, but supermarkets tend to have lots of kids running around and generally being annoying. Red Dead Redemption is not a game for kids.

The game will have plenty of outlets that don't boycott it. If this is true it won't make any difference.

poindat2932d ago

If it's a major supermarket here that we are talking about (as the article mentions), then they likely do two things:

a)stock many games
b)keep those games behind a locked glass case

Trust me, a major chain would not miss out on the gaming market. Also, for the chain to be boycotting RDR, they need to stock games, do they not? And I'm sure that many of those games are much more violent than Red Dead Redemption. I honestly can't think of any major retailer that refuses to stock M-rated games, children or no children.

And anyways, as I said, the games are most likely locked behind glass, circumventing any issue of child-friendliness.

Trust me, the violence should not be an issue with this game.

booni32932d ago

y boycott a triple A title like this?

kinetic1002932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

got a little worried then as mine is on pre order with got a good deal for £29.75. didn't think it was worth paying an extra £10 - £15 for one of the 3 pre order bonus offers.

oh, and thanks to the guy who posted the promotion code on N4G, forgot his name.

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